1931 Florence Rugby is 90 years old

Tomorrow afternoon at Padovani Stadium, Firenze Rugby 1931 will celebrate 90 years of activity with a one-year postponement due to the pandemic.

FIRENZE – A night club organized an event to celebrate its history that traces its roots back to the rugby activity started by a group of students from the University of Florence in 1931, using a round ball because there were still no oval balls in Florence.

After World War II, Cus Firenze Rugby replaced Guf Firenze and over time conquers a certain position in the top division thanks to coach Mario Lodigiani, a man of few words and a legendary figure of Florentine rugby.

Time passes and in 1981 the Rugby Firenze 81 was born to devote himself to youth activism with the top teams of Cus Firenze Rugby.

In 1994, I Ribolliti was born, the first old club in Tuscany, a reference point for fans and ex-players who gather not only to tackle or fly into goal but also to volunteer to support the sporting activity of Cus Firenze Rugby.

In 1999 the Florentine team settled permanently in the Italian Championship first division and in 2007 the 1931 Florence Rugby was born, which took over the big business of Cus Firenze.

Honorably red and white lilies continue to provide service at high levels until the formation of the I Medicei project, joint with Cavalieri Prato, in 2015.

The Medici team is definitively bringing top level rugby to Florence. Years of success and promotion follow each other until reaching sixth place in the 2019 TOP12 tournament, the best result ever in the history of Florentine rugby.

Covid-19 puts a hand in it and when the Medicei team finally manages to tread on Padovani’s lawn, they have to drop the TOP12 due to the economic consequences that have affected sponsors and Serie A registrations.

Covid19 is not giving up and the 2020-21 season is also indisputable.

The Medici must surrender and President Lucibello files the company’s bankruptcy of his own accord. Firenze Rugby 1931 attempts to retain the Serie A sports league title but the proposal has not been approved by FIR.

In the 2021/2022 season, Firenze Rugby 1931 joined the Serie C Championship with two teams and from here Florence begins the oval once again with races to the goal line, caresses, and closed arcs.

The 2022/2023 season will see the Florentine military team in the second division, with the first match taking place at home on 9 October with Imola Rugby.

But first we have to celebrate and tomorrow at the Padovani stadium there is a party for everyone who wants to participate, because in rugby, let us remember, there is always room for everyone.

We will have the best victory when Italian mothers get their kids to play rugby if they want to grow up well, have values, know respect, discipline and the ability to suffer. This is a life coaching sport.(John Kirwan – former Italy coach)

There will be contactless rugby matches open to all, a commemorative jersey and tech support for those who want to try their hand at the basics of rugby.

Then a “third time” with barbecues, games and music.

Event program:

– 16:00 Meet and organize touch matches
16:30 Start of rugby matches and preliminary activities
– 18:30 Celebrating 90 years with veterans, sponsors, institutions and the media
19:30 aperitif and non-alcoholic drinks
– 20:00 BBQ party

– 21:00 DJ sets and game prizes

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