“2022 is unpredictable and wonderful”

In Ornavasso, a few steps from Verbania, cycling is dangerous. How could it be otherwise, when the protagonist is in the 40th edition of the Athlete of the Year award Elisha Long Borghini. As a girl in these parts she was the “daughter of Gedina Dal Sasso,” the cross-country skater who won the first edition in 1983. Today Gedina Dal Sasso has awarded “Mother of Elisa Longo Borghini” a non-athlete of the year, but Best athlete ever From the town of Verbana.

The event, organized by Alpini and baptized by Mayor Filippo Segala Fulgosi and parish priest Don Roberto Sogni, was held in body sanctuary, It is located at the end of a 10 km climb with double digit slopes. The best place where, at the end of a succession of Awards for local young athletes from fencing to athletics, and even an expert mountain guide to climb Everest without oxygen and a champion in mountain runningGive the prize to Elisa.

The Regina For the Italian women’s cycling, which this season won only the Paris-Roubaix, the Ladies Tour (from Britain) and the national time trial title, I entered accompanied by the children of Pedale Ossolano and the Mameli anthem played by a live band. When she retires, “the best athlete ever in Ornafasu” Longo I announced“My head is as hard as a stone, as if it were perfumed from Ornaphasi. For me, being here is a great pleasure, we athletes often live around the world while on these occasions I always feel part of the community. season? All the appointments I circled in red on the calendar I clicked, instead I brought home a Roubaix that I didn’t even have to turn on. As in the Great Britain Tour, which she won in the sprint which is unusual for me. 2022 was a very different and beautiful year. Cycling is unpredictable, you may not win much individually but win a lot as a team: even if you don’t win, you feel the same winner if you are part of a partner’s success. gold flame? In 2015, the reality of women’s cycling in Italy was completely different, without the support of the State Police I would not have made this career. Many thanks to them. And thanks also to Elisa Balsamo: the best possible roommate, because she is the one who sleeps! Olympic Games? You have to queue in Esselunga like everyone else, they don’t change person; You see your friends a little less and you have a lot of obligations, but it’s part of the game. Medal also in Paris 2024? Then, however, do not change the writing at the entrance to the city with a felt-tip pen…”

Here is the anecdote revealed by the Fiamme Oro representatives present at the event: When they called Elisa Longo Borghini to start a cycling activity, she wanted to go to Rome in person to speak, despite being told there was no need. Elisa went with her mother Gedna, but at the moment of entering the office she said, “No, mother, to talk about my future, I will go there alone.”

Also present at the event, as special guests: world champion Elisa Balsamo, former world champion Tatiana Goderzo and coach Paolo Sangalli, along with psychologist Elisabetta Borgia, talented Francesca Paralli and international runner such as Leo Hayter. Unable to come Filippo Gana: There were the parents, with the mother giving Longo a tribute of flowers.
so speak Senegalese: “I am really proud of my girls, and of the positive example that Elisa Longo Borghini is for all Italian girls. At the Australian World Cup, we will defend Elisa Balsamo’s jersey… with Elisa. We chose with them a stress-free approach, because they bring out their best when they are calm. The possibility of winning the World Cup? We’ll meet in three weeks (he answers after a quick consultation with Balsamo and Longo, editor).”
Added this later Elisa Balsamo: “In the best year of my career, I must thank the precious work of Elisa Longo Borghini, We have a lot of fun together and that’s the most important thing.”
e Tatiana Goderzo: “World Cup? Sangalli didn’t call me, next year’s point! Joking aside, I am representing the past of a movement that has always won a lot but had to fight to be seen. Finally, Elise can run and raise their arms to the sky in the world of female cycling that will show us some good ones. Longo Borghini would be a tough head, but Balsamo is no less and technician Sangalli not to mention…”
follow Video compliments messages Written by Bebo Gana and Matthew Sobrero, as well as Elaine Van Dyck who says she is proud to be her co-owner on Trek Segafredo, as is Lizzie Deignan. And from the club’s coach, Paulo Slongo, proud of his athletes.

This, in a nutshell, is the motivation behind the award: “An advertisement for this sport, capable not only of asserting itself but also of repeating itself: a category that enhances its full allure.”
A day of serenity and emotions in the coolness of Ossola Valley.