5 changes to XV from Zebre for tomorrow’s test match in Cardiff

Presented an Ealing Test match which saw the English impose 42-12 in front of their fans zebras He arrived in Cardiff on Sunday ahead of the second friendly match of the 2022/23 season.

Friday 9 September In fact, Sisi and his companions expect a summary Cardiff Arms Park Day CardiffFootball, New training from a 42-17 knockout match in a friendly match against England’s Gloucester. The Federal franchise athletes have faced the Welsh team in 17 official matches, but tomorrow night will be the first test match between the two teams; The start date for the match has been set 20:00 Italian time. The race will not be produced, but it will be possible to follow the text of the match on Zebras’ Twitter account using the hashtag. #carfzip.

There are always 33 players available to coach Rosselli on this UK tour. However, the Romanian coach will have to dispense with midfielder Tommaso Boni and left defender Daniele Rembele, who returned to Italy last Saturday on the sidelines of the challenge with Elling, having suffered successively a neck shock and a knee sprain. .
During the week, young pilots Ricardo Genovese and Mattia Mazanti joined the group that joined the team this year.

In general, there are five changes to the fifteenth start chosen for the encounter with the Nerazzurri. The Giallobl technical team keeps the trocar line unchanged but moves five pawns in a scrum pack where you can see No. 3 Mohamed Hassa, 37-time Azzurro Joshua Forno and three third-row athletes Luca Andriani, Tina Fox Matamoa and MG. Pilser, in half last Saturday in Ealing.

On Friday, September 9 at 20:00 Italian time, Team Zebre will take the field at Cardiff Arms Park for their summer Test match against Cardiff Rugby:

15 – Richard Criel (0)

14 – Pierre Bruno (37)

13 – Erich Cronje (16 years old)

12 – Enrico Luchin (39)

11 – Jacobo Trulla (24)

10. Tiff Eden (0)

9. Chris Cook (3)

8. Taina Fox First (6)

7. MG Pilser (0)

6 – Luca Andriani (17)

5 – Joshua Furno (18)

4 – David Cisse (cap) (80)

3. Muhamed Hasa (0)

2- Luca Peggi (32)

1 – Paolo Bonfiglio (26)

Available: Bianchi, Caputo, Fusco, Genovese, Jesse, Gillick, Krumov, Manfredi, Mazzanti, Nikolai, Pani, Petinari, Ribaldi, Ruggeri, Smith Jr., Uys, Volpi, Zambonin

Cardiff rugby: 15. Jacob Beetham, 14. Owen Lane, 13. Ray Lee-Lo, 12. Max Llewellyn, 11. Aled Summerhill, 10. Jarrod Evans, 9. Lloyd Williams, 8. Josh Turnbull (cap), 7. Thomas Young, 6. James Botham, 5. Seb Davies, 4. Matthew Scrich, 3. Kieron Asirati, 2. Christian Dassey, 1. Corey Domachovsky; everybody. Dae Young

Available: Liam Belcher, Rhys Carré, Will Davis King, Lupette Timani, Rory Thornton, Teddy Williams, Shane Louis Hughes, Gwilym Bradley, Ellis Bevan, Rhys Priestland, Ulisse Hallahulu, Mason Grady, Jason Harris, Matthew Morgan