5 Training Tips From Serena Sembry

How a rugby player should work in the gym to improve his fitness and prevent injuries

Francesco Palma

When training in lecture, the error is always around the corner. A simple wrong movement, excessive thrust can cause problems even on some significance. If we talk about a sport like FootballSince the body is under stress more often, the risks increase even more. How can you train safely in the gym and improve your performance at the same time? explain it to official active Serena Setembre, Italian half champion With Valsugana Padova and Personal Trainer.

Work in the gym

It sounds strange, but not everyone assumes that a rugby player should also work in the gym: “Rugby still carries a cultural heritage according to which only strikers, especially the front lines, should be big and train a certain way. I’ve seen a lot of defenders. who think that their role does not require working in the gym. Obviously, with the entry of Italy into the world of international rugby, this idea fades more and more, but not completely yet “explains Serena Setembre.

Work “in sessions”

“It is important for an athlete to identify long term plan, on different courses – continues the personal trainer -. For example, one could focus for a while on extreme strength, another on explosive power, and so on. It usually works for 4-5 weeks, a maximum of a month and a halfIt is adjusted according to the season. At the stage where we play more often we avoid excessively extreme strength training, so as not to overburden the body and not find ourselves too tired in the game.”

don’t overdo

“Also in this case everything arises from a certain ignorance of the subject. On the one hand, those who are convinced that one should not work in the gymnasium, and on the other hand, those who exaggerate, are two sides of the same coin. There is a belief that the player who plays roles Certain types of training should be excessively heavy, which leads him to overdo it in some types of training, forgetting about it However, rugby is a dynamic sportwhich includes movements based on explosive power, which are trained to do “unloading” in the gym, and not “loading”, about 80% of the force but of a significantly different quality.”

field movements

This in the gym is not only an end in itself, but also serves Reproduce some movements and efforts Which is then performed on the field, during matches: “It is possible that, at work in the gym, the movements you make on the field. For example, a four-wheel drive, or a lift in touch can be reproduced by pushing it over the head. You can do this work with a load, and in a simple way, in order to reproduce the movements that are often made during matches.”

free body

Finally, Setembre reminds you not to underestimate free body workouts, especially in regards to Accident prevention: “Even free-body work has a huge impact, especially from a mobility and safety point of view. Most bodyweight exercises are used to allow the joints most used by players – the knee, shoulder, ankle and hip – to move and always be healthy. Always remember this Rugby is a combat sportThey get beaten up, and if our joints are healthy, the chance of serious injury decreases.”