A revelation that the ex-captain’s lawyers are working on, evaluates Elari

Foolishness began to float, between denials and interviews, when one could no longer hold back the arrogance of the story – the story of a breakup Totti Place — which then consisted of increasingly organized and detailed details recounting a long farewell that would have taken place in the last long and turbulent months.

Totti Blasi: “Separated at home”

Francesco Totti and Hilary Blasi They would decide to live separately in their Roman home, for about a year or so since their crisis would have required important thinking after nearly a quarter of a century they had spent on the same side. Each has its own path, but in the absolute conviction of being able to define itself as a family, a single, indivisible unit whatever event takes place.

This was revealed by sources close to the golden couple (now ex) of Rome, which was reported by the newspaper on Monday, September 5 The Republic. The revelation risks having a certain significance in the now-announced legal separation that awaits both and which, it seems, in different ways than what was leaked near the double proclamation, will perhaps place Totti vs Elari. A possibility that is hard to believe.

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Totti joins Annamaria Bernardini de Pace

Totti, who had chosen the path of silence, summoned the “queen” of marriage to his villa in the Sabbadia, Anamaria Bernardini Di Pacewhich has been added to the trusted lawyers of the forever captain of Rome, the Advocate Antonio Contewho worked as a team with those pursuing businesses, properties and investments Francesco To draw and think about the geography of the characteristics of what we have identified Tutti Place Spa.

With a famous lawyer berries He was going to explain somewhat about strategy, at his summer villa in Sabaudia on the Pontine coast to study a strategy that would not allow Elari To move with her youngest daughter to Milan, an event that would worry the hero very much.

According to these sources, he was cited RepublicThe couple was going to try to cement the relationship for their story, and what they lived together and witnessed berries In his book and for their three children, Christian, Chanel and little Isabel From Elari, according to others Rumors Uncertain, he would like to go with him to Milan.

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Signs of their relationship being drained

the story between Totti and Elari Have worn out relatively recently: Francesco he met Noemi Bocchi It will generate a kind of sympathy between the two. According to a source, the two started feeling subtle and seeing each other between September and October, after they introduced themselves in August, when things were between Elari and Francesco They weren’t on the way – it seems – to some of the letters that opened up the crisis.

They may also benefit from the evenings organized by Romanian PR Alex Notchtley, the historical friend of Francesco Totti, to meet. When on October 23, it was BOBON He goes to In Villa and also takes his wife with him. The two sit with friends at the same table, but they are far apart: the videos of that evening, months later, become central.

The role of Noemi Bocchi as a private investigator

A few meters away, she was there with her friends Noemi Bocchi, as evidenced by the now well-known videos shown on the Internet relating to that evening. Another suspicious fact is that shot that was filmed on February 5 in the stadium, Noemi Bocchi Several rows behind the ex-captain: the photos do not lie, and there are already rumors in Rome about something of interest to this exemplary story, which made the audience, as anyone believed, that their relationship was an inseparable one.

Instead, the plassi After he shut up and answered with a tongue on social media, he decided to expose himself and reveal to him very right His version: a denial accompanied by an accusation of intrigue, which, in hindsight, seems like an attempt to defend one’s own life no matter what was happening.

Apparently, from the words of the little girl Isabelle crawling in Elari A series of questions anticipates the strategy that will activate the class: She instructs a private investigator who presents her with the alleged evidence of berries Which would have opened the crisis de facto.

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The double statement that opens the chapter

On an unknown Monday in early July, Dagosbya Anticipate news of the joint press release that will never be outsourced to ANSA: Two separate notes will make the couple’s decision public.

Will had been maturing for months, which, with this revelation, would see the two of them live solo for about a year.

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