A tour of brands in pink. The first on the way to the Asia region

From the fat wheels of an off-road vehicle to the first car with arms raised in competition on the road: at Villa Musone di Loreto, an unforgettable victory for Asia Zontone (Isolmant Premac Vittoria) at the Giro delle Marche in Rosa who beat her escape mate Gemma in a speedy race . Sernissi of Aromitalia Basso Bikes Vaiano, confirmations for Martina Fidanza (Viam Oro) and Michela de Grandes (UC Concio-Pedal del Sel) respectively in the Elite Under-23 class and two junior classes.

The second stage of the Giro delle Marche in Rosa is combined with the Strade Bianche – Memorial Benito Baldoni Trophy, proposing a 111-kilometre route with the novelty of a dirt road: 2,000 meters of dirt that a group of 108 girls has beaten four times, as as well as in the mountain Grand Prix in The municipal area of ​​Recanati placed on the wall of Contrada Adulorata (Vratisca village) is repeated only once 17 kilometers from the end.

Initially, flying finish lines were the prerogative of Sarah Fiorin (Gauss team) three times. In the final round of 22km, the Grand Prix conquest of the mountain by Gaia Realini of Isolmant Premac Vittoria was the lead after the winning dash for teammate Zontone who beat Sernissi in a sprint after escaping the group’s best 5km finish. At 1’10”, the platoon was ruled in a pink Fidanza jersey for third and fourth place finishes by emerging Italian champion Eleonora Ciabocco (Team Di Federico-Ciclismo Insieme), who in turn is among the best in his class.

“A race I wasn’t expecting to win because I’m not very fast. I took advantage of Cernesi’s descent, knowing I didn’t get a chance to beat it and didn’t want to start long in the sprint. In this final of the season I hope to continue like this and make Myself available to my other teammates again because it is a pleasure to work with them, and then head and legs towards cyclocross.” A cherished topic is Asia Zontoni, a Friulian of Buja (the same country that was Tokyo 2021 Olympic quadruple champion Jonathan Milan), who grew up cycling and mountain biking with Jam’s Bike Team Buja. Too much cycling today.

Fidanza retained the overall lead in the pink jersey, the white junior De Grandis from the youth top, the blue Realini from the mountain Grand Prix, and the green Fiorin one of the flying targets.

OFFIDA Sunday 11 September

For the finale of the Giro delle Marche at Rosa in Offida (for the fourth time in five editions), a very nervous and very demanding track over a total distance of 84 km, repeating two different circuits: in the beginning, 7 laps of 6 km per loop with flying goals to score in the second pass The fourth and the sixth. This is followed by another 7 laps of 6 km each with a straight wall pass with slopes greater than 15% in Ovida valid as a mountain top prize in lanes 1, 3 and 5. Departure at 14:00 from Parco della Luna on viale della Repubblica where the finish line for this race has also been set, which awards the title of FCI Marche Regional Champion for the U-23 and Women’s Elite classes.

access command

Asia Zone I (Isolmant Premac Vittoria) 111 km at 2.58’00” with an average of 37.416 km/h

Gemma Cernesi II (Aromitalia Basso Bikes Vaiano)

Third Martina Fidanza (Fiame Oro) at 1’10”

Fourth: Eleonora Chiapocco (Cycling Together – Team Di Federico) – First Young Woman

Fifth Carmela Cipriani (GB Team-Pool Cantù)

6° Sarah Voren (Team Gauss Voren)

Seventh Elisa de Valier (University of California Concio Pidal del Cel) – second junior

Eighth: Alicia Foligno (Ms. Zuliani’s team) – third junior

9 Carlotta Borrello (GB Team-Pool Cantù)

Tenth: Giulia Mioto (Berganzi Millennium) – fourth junior

11 ° Sonia Rossetti (GB Team-Pool Cantù)

Twelfth Elisa Valtolini (Cantorino 1902 Lion) – Fifth Junior Donna

13 Michela de Grandis (University of California Concio Pidal del Cel) – Junior Six

14 Sofia Colinelli (Aromitalia Basso Bikes Vaiano)

Fifteenth Marta Pavesi (Falcar Travel & Services) – Seventh young woman

Sixteenth Andrea Casagranda (Berganzi Millennium) – eighth junior

Seventeenth Francesca Pellegrini (Valcar Travel & Service) – Nine is a young woman

18 Melina del Sarto (Aromitalia Basso Bikes Vaiano)

Nineteen Elisa Taite (Zhiraf Toscano Giarre) – tenth youngest

20 Chiara Regeni (Team Wheeler Chiara Pieropon)

21 Alice Brugnera (Berganzi Millennium) – Junior 11

22 Alice Gasparini (Isolemante Primac Vitoria)

30 Julia Giuliani (GB Team-Pool Cantù)

32 ° Gaia Realini (Isolmant Premac Vittoria)

general classification pink shirt

1 Martina Fidanza (Fiame Oro) 190 points

2° Sarah Veoren (Team Gauss) 155

Third Carmela Cipriani (GB Team-Pool Cantù) 145

Sofia Colinelli IV (Aromitalia Basso Bikes Vaiano) 130

Michela de Grandis V (University of California – Pidal del Cel) 125

General classification White jersey (Junior)

Michela de Grandis I (University of California-Pedal del Cel) 75 points

Giulia Mioto II (Berganzi Millennium) 60

Eleonora Chiapocco 3rd (Cycling Together – Team Di Federico) 55

4 Marta Pavesi (Falcar Travel & Services) 50

5- Elisa de Valier (University of California, Pedal del Cel) 45

General Rating GPM BLUE JERSEY

1 Gaia Rellini (Isolemante Primac Vitoria) 15 points

2nd: Eleonora Chiapocco (Cycling Together – Team Di Federico) 10

Beatrice Rosato III (Isolmant Premac Vittoria) 5

General classification The flying goal of the green jersey

1 Sarah Veoren (Team Gauss) 45 pts

2 ° Martina Testa (Cantorino 1902 Lion) 25

Third: Carmela Cipriani (GB Team-Pool Cantù) 15

Fourth Lara Scarselli (Aromitalia Basso Faiano Bikes) 5

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