According to Jerrod, Salemmakers and Bubiga

At San Siro, the Rossoneri won and moved to the top of the group with four points. Orcic’s great goal was useless for the Croats

I Milan Not wrong in Champions League It directs the group in the right direction. After the lottery with SalzburgIn the second round of the fifth group Pioli beat Dinamo Zagreb 3-1 and are close to the top of the standings with 4 points. At San Siro in the first half, the Rossoneri play the match and after a few measurement errors they open the match with a penalty kick Jerrod (45′). in recovery Saele makers (47′) doubles the number of his head, Orsic (56′) tries to reopen the match after a spell Petkovicma he ran away (77′) Places the score safe with the right under the crossbar.

the match
Three goals and three points. Milan excludes training Dinamo Zagreb with a strong performance and puts itself at the top of the standings, awaiting the double role with Chelsea. Match report in hand, the Rossoneri trio bear the signatures of Giroud, Sailemakers and Bobiga, but the Pioli gang’s victory comes all the way to the left on the usual Liao-Hernandez axis. A devastating tandem, it’s enough to only light it occasionally to light up the evening in the Meazza and send Cacic’s defense into a tailspin.

In the second quarter of the Champions League, at San Siro Pioli puts Diaz behind Giroud and keeps de Kettleri on the bench. Only confirmations instead of Kacic, who didn’t change anything compared to the squad that surprisingly beat Chelsea. At a good pace, Milan grabbed the ball and advanced the match by attacking the Croatian goalkeepers and quickly advanced vertically. Diaz immediately captures Giroud in the area, but the Frenchman misses a bit and the action wears off. Then Tonali heads up high from a good position. Short and compact, Team Pioli attacks hard and thrusts leaning on Giroud and strangers. Low and elegant, Cacic’s formation is defensive with several men, doubling down on the Leao and focusing all on Orsic and Petkovic’s restart. Checked by teammates vertically, Jiro dumped Sotalo well on the ledge, but his left end is over the bar. Then a good chance for Leao to hit her in the counterattack, but Mahrami blocks it with timing with one hit on one. Under pressure, the Rossoneri increases roll and maneuverability in capacity and creates various dangerous situations. Levakovic rejects a fireball to Benaser, then Liao misses two important chances and Levakovic blocks a strong left foot from the Sailemakers. On the other hand, it is up to Maignan to defuse a right from Moharammi and control a wide shot from Orsic.

Empty attempts that between the end of the first half and the beginning of the second trigger, the Rossoneri forced and lit Liao. Having been touched by Sotalo in the area after a hole from Tomori, the Portuguese first got the penalty kick that Giroud kicked into the net, opening the match, then panicking on the left and providing the assist for the double header of the Sailmakers. A devastating one on two goals makes Milan a two-goal lead, but forces Dinamo Zagreb to respond. Reaction entrusted to Petkovic’s polished feet, Orcic’s dynamism and precision. In tandem, after a few minutes of the Rossoneri’s domination, he cuts short the actions with a brilliant move that reopens the match and begins the vortex of changes. Kasich removes Moharammi and brings Spikic, Pioli replaces Tonali and Giroud with Pobega and De Ketelaere. Movements that give Milan more leg and rhythm and bring the Rossoneri to goal again. To sign the trio, after another in-depth action on the left string, Pobega considers a careful swearing in the area that slides under the bar. The target who puts the score in the safe and closes the accounts. In the end, there is room only for a dangerous incursion by De Kitleari and the applause of the San Siro, as Milan have not won the Champions League in nine years.

report cards
Leo 7:
Up to 45′ Ristovski and Moharammi distinguish it tightly and have little room to move taller cranes in the open field. Then he lights up and distinguishes the race with his overwhelming physical strength. He gets the penalty kick that opens the match and then sends the decisive pass to double the Saelemaekers
Girod 6.5: As a buoy for the Rossoneri maneuver with the usual experience. Less accurate than the usual threshold, but with a hard disk
Saelemaekers 6.5: Pioli prefers him over Messias and he’s not wrong. It gives the right lane rigidity by covering it and pushing it constantly. He doubled his head and found himself in the right place at the right time on Liao’s cross
Escape 6.5: He enters Tonali’s place and is immediately ready, showing his leg, his vitality and his evil in attacking space. He closes the match and puts the score in the safe
Sotalo 5: Girod takes care of and does not shine in the tag. At the end of the first half, Liao exits the area and Milan opens the game from its place
Petkovic 7: He is the offensive pivot of the team, the man of experience and quality that everyone counts on and depends on. The play with which Orcic frees on goal is the magic that defines performance
Orsec 6,5: The playable balls arrive few, but they manage to find the flash to shorten the distances in perfect harmony with Petkovic

Milan 3-1 Dinamo Zagreb
Milan (4-2-3-1):
Mignan 6; Calabria 6, Election 6, Tomori 6.5, Theo Hernandez 6.5; Tonali 6.5 (23rd Pobega 6.5), Bennacer 6 (23 Krunic 6); Saelemaekers 6.5 (33 Christ 6), Diaz 6 (23 Destination 6), Leah 7; Giroud 6.5 (23 St. de Kitila 6).
dis: Meranti, Gangdal, Palo Toure, Kjaer, Gabia. everybody.: Pegs 6.5
Dinamo Zagreb (3-5-2): Levakovic 5.5; Ristovski 5.5 (33′ st Drmic 5.5), Sutalo 5, Peric 5.5; Harami 5 (18 Sbekic 5.5), Adami 5.5, Mesic 6, Ivanosic 5.5, Ljubic 6; Orsic 6,5 (39′ st Marin sv), Petkovic 7 (39′ st Baturina sv).
dis: Zagorak, Stevolge, Loritin, Emreli, Bocage, Theophile Catherine, Bulat, Delavier. everybody.: Cacique 5.5.1 Update
Rule: Apple Tree (Spa)
Signs: 45′ Girod’s platform (centre), 2′ st Saelemaekers (M), 11′ st Orsic (D), 32′ st Pobega (M)
ammonites: Orsic. Marine (D)

• At the age of 35 years and 349 days, Olivier Giroud became the second oldest French player to score in the Champions League after Laurent Blanc with Man United in 2002 (36 years and 338 days).
• Alexis Sailemakers is the first AC Milan player to score in the first two days of the Champions League season since Zlatan Ibrahimovic in 2010/11.
• Tommaso Pobiga is the first Italian scorer for Milan in the Champions League since Mario Balotelli in November 2013 against Celtic.
• Before Pobiga, the last goal scored by the AC Milan player in the Champions League was in the Meazza in September 2011: Antonio Cassano against Viktoria Plzen.
• Olivier Giroud has not scored in the Champions League match at home since November 2016 (Arsenal – Paris Saint-Germain).
• Looking at all competitions, this is only the second time that Olivier Giroud has scored two goals in back-to-back matches for Milan since last February (two goals against Inter and Lazio).
• After not participating in any Champions League goals in his first six matches, Alexis Saelemaekers has scored in each of his last two matches.
• Milan won each of the five matches against Dinamo Zagreb in the European competition, with a total of 13-3 points.
• Milan has not won a home match in the Champions League since September 18, 2013 (2-0 against Celtic) – since then, three draws and three defeats in the Meazza in the competition.
• Milan has not scored more than two goals in the Champions League match since November 26, 2013, in a 3-0 victory over Celtic.