Alexis, primary target. Liao is always decisive. Evil Jerrod

These are the Salzburg vs Milan match report cards

Meganan 6: On the Salzburg goal the ball passes between his legs, that’s right, but it comes after Okafor Kalulu missed a great play. Bravo on Seiwald and at the exits.

Calabria 5.5: Not an evening to be remembered by David, who, despite putting everything he has into it, often struggles too because of his lack of help. A slight setback will soon be forgotten. (from 57′ Destination 5.5: His absolute start with Milan, he’s yet to merge, but apart from the occasional cut, he’s not producing much).

Rabbit 5.5: The foul on Okafor is Pierino’s first real foul in 2022. He’s human too, but the Salzburg striker literally sends him to the pub and puts him in trouble. Growing in recovery.

Tomori 6: A bit of a diesel, coming out of the way with enough testing and that seems to put him back on tracks that are more suited to him.

Theo Hernandez 6: When it starts, it is always doubled. The Diamond System in Salzburg is also designed for quick climbs on its slopes. Try to change the pace of futile offensive production.

Tonals 5.5: Sometimes you don’t have a great game, especially when you have a lot of minutes in your legs and you no longer have a dog like Kessie working for you. It expands a lot compared to the center of the field, and loses very few balls. there.

Bin Nasser 6: Fernando steals the ball that starts working for Salzburg. He reacts and gives the right timing for the offensive transition that leads to the goal of the Saelemaekers. (from 57′ Escape 6: Enter the game well without fear. Win and also try to find the target).

Saelemaekers 7: Possibly his best performance in 2022. He runs, dribbles and fills spaces in time and then finds the goal, which is key to Milan’s equalizer with a pass from Leao, following – at last – the timely action.

De Kettler 5.5: A little overwhelmed. They beat him and leave him no space, but he can’t even create any place. In-game flicker to review: The play that opens the door to a beniceer who initiates the equalizer movement. (from 70′ Ibrahim Diaz 5.5: Do not turn on the light when needed. Arrived with a slight delay on an origi ball which, perhaps, is long hair).

Leo 6.5: That he is the most dangerous man in Milan they know even here, in fact they are trying to limit him. But he was not discouraged. Shiny putting a golden ball for selmakers into the lottery. It is important how he puts the team on his shoulders trying to find the winning bet. Bernardo responded to his cross shot on the post.

Jerrod 5: I’m around don’t make it turn at least. He suffers a lot. He wasn’t very clear when he steals the ball from Pavlovic: If he had raised his head, Liao would have only been in a small area. (from 57′ Origi 5.5: Pays for the offensive maneuver paradox. He finds a very nice ball for Ibrahim, but it’s not quite balanced to let the number 10 hit the net).

Supplement Pioli 6: On the eve of that he warned everyone not to underestimate the game and they saw us for a long time. The draw is good, given the massive chance Fernando missed. Struggled before Milan. But given the result in Zagreb, that’s okay.