All blacks are terrible, Argentina overtakes 25-18 and makes history

Pumas conquered Christchurch and for the first time they won in New Zealand: they decided on the goal of Gonzalez and the foot of Boveli. Australia beat South Africa 25-17 in Adelaide with two goals from McCrite and Koroybet

Against the most terrifying version of the All Blacks ever seen in over 20 years, on day three of Southern Hemisphere Rugby, Argentina coach Michael Checa wrote the most amazing page in its history, going through 25-18 in Christchurch and winning it . For the first time in New Zealand. For the second victory ever, after 25-15 two years ago in Sydney at the Pandemic Championships. In Adelaide, Australia with an extraordinary match folds 25-17 World Champion South Africa: Coach Robbie Deans’ side is also struggling, but he stifles the Springboks and is a killer in attack. After 3 days at the top of the table, there are Argentina and Australia with 9 points, New Zealand with 5, and Sucdafrika closing in with 4.

The messiah

For the All Blacks, the game was not born under the best care and is already understandable at 4′, when Richie Mounga, who plays on the Crusader pitch, sends out a shot of just 40 metres. From the same position but on the other side, Emiliano Bovelli hits the center of the goal in the eighth minute. Monga will have the opportunity to respond, but he decides to connect at 5 metres, Samisoni Taukeiaho’s throw is perfect in the hands of Scott Barrett, who lands and shoots the blow, Argentina’s defense disintegrates after a few pushes and so the path is open for the same prostitute who can dive into the goal (Manga misses the shift). Argentina attacks with its weapons: speed and imagination, without fear, forcing the All Blacks to defend themselves beyond the rules: two stealths in the same action give Boveli a very easy position in front of the posts for 6. 5. A few minutes have passed, but the All Blacks are back To show all the fragility that the victory of two weeks ago in South Africa hid only temporarily, as the defense was always in trouble, often having to fouls and an attack sloppy around it. A player like Mounga who has an undisputed reputation as the best goalkeeper in New Zealand and thus the full confidence of his coaches, with the All Blacks’ No. 10 jersey seems inexplicably out of place. At 22′ he is the protagonist of the gentle acceleration of the defensive 22, with a trick slipping in the middle of the biancocelesti shirts, but then, when he must invent something, he allows himself to catch it without recycle the oval. . In the 29th minute after a foul on the ground by Pablo Matera, the New Zealand opener finally opens by entering an easy position. If the All Blacks can work their way up front, it’s thanks to the continuity that Aaron Smith fires up picking attackers. But from a wrong touch in the half by the Argentines, the goal is born: the ball falls on the New Zealand side, and Monga with a good pass leads to Rico Iwan, who takes the advantage line and loses to Jordi Barrett, the extreme. Accelerates and when defenders get hit now widens to the left for Caleb Clark, who can fly up to the flag (and also takes out Mounga for a hard turn). However, Buffelli puts two places that allow Puma to go rest at -3. Coach Ian Foster, immortalized by the allotted room, bows his head dejectedly after seeing two of his players standing while Thomas Lavanini, certainly not a lightning bolt, slithers in the middle, perfecting the moment of mistrust that arises.. Breathe within All Blacks . The distrust that is also reflected in the choices on the field, when Jordi Barrett, in a free kick in his own half, directly in front of the ten-meter line, instead of going into the field, practically asks to go to the poles. From 50 metres: the result is clearly negative. However, there is no doubt, when Mounga at 47′ square after a late intervention from Matera within 22 metres. But in the Argentine throw-in, an incredible thing happens: Scott Barrett is thrown back into the air and does not control, the ball falls into the hands of Juan Martin Gonzalez and the winger immediately sees the hole that she throws towards the goal at the right flag. . Buffelli is also slipping through the difficult turnaround and Argentina are up 19-18. New Zealand’s scrum, Argentine at 22 for several metres, hits the penalty, touches down, but the bat loses the ball and even awards the penalty: If one thing works, the next screams. And the Puma family requires more and more courage. And at 56 minutes, Mounga’s aerial shot turns into a shot held on the ground that sends Boveli into the field from 40 metres: 22-18. Sam Cane’s missing ball soon after in the attack is also a symbol: the captain takes off on an unexpected penetration flanked by white and blue shirts and unavoidable to catch him. The streak of terror continues at the 61st minute, when Codie Taylor (alternative for Taukeiaho) can put a deep touch on the 22 opponents, but the path is too long and the ball is awarded to the Argentines. The referee, Georgian Nika Amashukeli, proved utterly lacking in courage when he called Captain Kane after a late intervention to confirm the New Zealanders’ string of malicious playing fouls, but as it would be at least the third time the interview had been repeated, the yellow card seemed clear: instead All blacks were pardoned. However, Boffelli does not miss the +7 placement. 69th minute: With difficulty and slowly, the attacker makes all the blacks their way and penetrate the 22 opponents, but the attack and not the defense fade, so in the thousandth collapse, the Argentines come out as winners. At 71′ Amashukeli finally does his homework and pulls the yellow card for Shannon Friesel who crushes the knockout. The All Blacks put the 22 opponents under siege, but the game was kept slow and the appearances playing as if they were attackers. But that’s not all: at the last moment they won a free kick and could connect at a distance of 5 meters, but Taylor got it wrong, which made the defeat even more painful. Time ran out in the Argentina game, Thomas Cobelle sent her off, and the Pumas family could cheer loudly.


In Adelaide, the start of the Wallabies was furious: at first, they immediately go to the oval competition in 22 South Africans and conquer possession, Rob Valetini beats the right wing, then Folau Faingaa breaks the line of supremacy again, is stopped an inch from the goal, but Nick White comes in for support right away and after a few short passes, it’s Fraser McCrite who slips between two men to go and crush near goal. It’s clear that Noah Lolisio is converting. In the 13th minute, a foul on the ground gives Loliseo a 10-0 lead. South Africa in the 18th minute takes a step away from the goal with Lodewijk de Geiger, and is desperately saved by McCrait, then in the 21′ Handry Pollard misses an unimaginable place, but after two minutes he hits the crossers from a central position. . Australia is forced to make a series of errors to stop South Africa’s attacks, then from a touch at 5 meters the ball is smanacciato by Rory Arnold in the direction of the goal, where, fortunately, White arrives first to cancel. Half an hour after the ninth offense (offside) to pay for each yellow card is Wright. In the 38th minute, it was an exciting intervention by Marika Korobeti to stop Makazul Mapembe in the goal on the left flag. In the 40th minute, Pfaff de Klerk cost White a slap in the face in an attempt to disrupt the midfielder’s exit from the scrum, in the last movement before the break. Numerical superiority allows Australia to attack continuously at the start of the second half and in the 48th minute finds the second goal: first, it is Wright who penetrates deep into the right with White’s long pass, then in the re-opened match, the oval reaches the left. To Koroibete who tricked him by taking out Pollard and then sped off to crush him. Australia simply stifles the South African match with the same weapons as its opponents, the most obvious example being when the hosts accurately defend themselves at a distance of 5 meters and defuse the South African strike. On the other hand, it’s lethal: James Slipper pretends to go outside and instead serves inside Lolesio, who bypasses the line of advantage and opens a hole in the heart of South Africa’s defense, could wisely try his own defenses instead. From prop for McReight, very good to find in support. Lolisio turns and in the 65th minute also puts in the position, which equals 25-3. The accounts are actually closed. A separate consideration: Noah Lolisio is 22 years old and compared to the twenty-year-old who appeared in the national team to fill the opening role, who was suddenly discovered, showed some many doubts, and became a great director (curious that’s how Quad Cooper was born in Auckland). However, the Wallabies’ overconfidence, who start out happily in the half, to give the South Africans possession and then thanks to a brace break given Vincent Koch’s Kwagga Smith (both replaced) a comfortable walk down. Australia has now made the mistake of being closed (and they are, in fact), but this relaxation leads them to suffer from South Africa’s latest attack: after yellowing to Valetini for offside, Smith is still on the quick restart of the game slipping between the yellow jerseys and crushing. Janties turns but not enough to beat the defensive bonus point.