Allegri-Juventus: “Without Locatelli. In Paris we are beautiful and losers”

Juventus coach on the eve of Salernitana: “It’s the most important match, he should give us a push for Benfica. Paredes plays, and Di Maria came back on Wednesday”

From the defeat to Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League, albeit with honour, to Salernitana in the league which, for Massimiliano Allegri, is “one of the best teams aiming to stay in the first division and which will give less space”. Juventus know they have to win after 3 draws in their first 5 league games, even more so after the words of John Elkann. In an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport, who said he was convinced that the lady could win the Scudetto.

Optimistic but counter

“The engineer’s optimism is also – says the coach – but we must not forget that we have outside of Chiza, Pogba and Di Maria: what will happen if we exclude three such players from any other team? There is a great desire to work and return to winning, even if it is not easy We are missing important players with whom I could have made more changes. The possibilities are rosy but we shouldn’t get too pretty.” Referring to the many compliments we received after the defeat in Paris: “After 2-0 we had a good reaction, but the thing I don’t like is that after that match, the message passed that we played well. We got nice, but it’s not good or else we are They are cute and beautiful but we are losers. It’s better to be unpleasant. We lost and so we shouldn’t be happy.”


According to Allegri, the match against Salernitana hides some pitfalls: “It comes after the post-Champions League match, and Salernitana has done a good job in the transfer market with players both physically and technically. From our side we need a physical and technical match. We must face the match with the right seriousness.” We create the conditions to achieve goals.” In addition to Pogba, Di Maria, Chiesa and Schezni, the coach will also have to dispense with Locatelli, who came out due to exhaustion: “He stopped yesterday and I can’t risk him, Paredes will be there, his entry is good. Di Maria should return on Wednesday to the Champions League, Chiesa is working on the pitch but not with the team, and hopefully he will be back before the World Cup holiday even if he is at the top in January. Chisney is still out.”

more angry

Danilo and Bremer, the most used, may need a rest: “I haven’t decided the line-up yet, but tomorrow’s match should give us a boost to face Benfica. It’s more difficult and demanding because there are less spaces and it’s more tactical. There is a great desire to come back to win it is not easy, we are We are missing important players I could have made more changes. We have to arrive on November 13 in the best classification conditions. Am I criticized too? I know I coach Juventus and I know we have to come back to win. I too would like everything to be done right, but we are in the beginning We are working to create the conditions to bring Juventus back to where it belongs. Last year we didn’t win anything and we have to be even more angry.”

Forward double center

Regarding the attack, Allegri sees well Milik in addition to Vlahovic, even if the pole rests tomorrow: “We are trying to help Vlahovic and he is improving on the balls he touched. Dusan likes to attack the depth more, and Milik connects the game more. However, Dusan scored 4 goals, which is An attacking position and he should score. The nuances of the game will improve as you progress. Milik and Vlahovic showed they can play together, Milik hasn’t played for a long time, and on Wednesday we have another game, let’s hope we can guess the lineup. Changes become important, especially now Now that we’ve got five. You can be more decisive than who starts from the beginning.”