Allegri saves himself in the 93rd minute

Campani leads with Candreva and Piatek, in the second half Bremer and Bonucci equalized before Var eliminated Milek’s superb team 3-2

finish 2-2 Juventus SalernitanaPostponement of the sixth day league. Crazy match on the field: grenades close in the first half thanks to goals from Candreva (18 minutes) H Biatek (In healing, with a penalty). The Bianconeri failed at the start of the second half with Bremer (51 ‘) And we find the same thing in the 93rd minute with a penalty kick that was wrong at first, then re-emphasis on the net. Bonucci. the 95′ owned by the spotlight, but the referee ruled out an offside that Bonucci considered active. At the end of the enthusiastic Milik, Fasio and Cuadrado are sent off.

the match

Juventus fall and get up and deceive themselves and then lose their minds. This is how the evening can be summed up in black and white, in which the boys see Allegri Falling into a nightmarehas the strength, somehow, to Put things straightbut then come on Punishable by a decision, it must be said, incomprehensible by referee Marcinarowhich cancels out Milik’s stunning winning goal by a difference Bonucci’s infiltration that can in no way be considered active. Net everything Juventus has to deal with a Another slipwhich is mainly caused by a The first half to forgetIt ran poorly and offered a series of Really red pencil mistakes. Recovery reaction and anger could be the conclusion a Good starting pointBut a more than immediate reaction is needed to get a highly complex season back on track.

Salernitana was part without much fear and openly face the opponent but First big chance for Juventus: a wonderful foray Merity On the left, but Seppi is keen on the left hand of the Juventus midfielder. The 2003 row was repeated moments later with the oath, but Sebi refuses again, albeit with some apprehensions. The Bianconeri seem to be the masters of the field, but at 18 “a cold shower arrives: a”The incredible lightness of Cuadrado paving the way for Matzukiputs the outside in the middle and finds an insert Candreva, who throws the ball into the net next to him. After the shock, Allegri’s team gets nervous and starts squabbling, Vlahovic is limited to some useful aspects, strangers are never drowned out, and Merretti is the only one trying to give a bit of unpredictability to a completely stagnant maneuver. at 39′ Vlahovic finds equality right stifledbut the goal Canceled immediately due to intrusion. In the sunset of the first half and then comes A blow to the hosts: penalty fby Bremerturned from Biatek icy disk.

At the beginning of the second half, Allegri is included Milik for the totally outstanding Kean and go to 3-5-2 And after 6′ his players fall short: a wonderful recovery of the ball and a wonderful cross pass costicthe perfect third time from Bremer Who defeats Sippy and forgives him for the chaos in the penalty kick. at 65 minutes Vlahovic He tries to go it alone, but finds Sepe’s exact reversal to prevent him from 2-2. After a few minutes it is owned by To try to flip the layer, but his left in rotation touches the shaft and exits at the bottom. The pole tried again before 90′, but his stone from the rim only accepts the top of the crossbar. It appears to be made for Salernitana, but in full recovery comesThe ingenuity of our villawho knocks Alex Sandro in the area and gives a hit Bonucci Equivalent to: Blue Defender He is hypnotized by Sippybut then it is Cold to repeat on the grid with the left. In the end, it all happens: Milik scores the goal 3-2 with a corner kick that bombed the fieldCome He was kicked out for taking off his shirt (Already warned) A few minutes later, Var Marcenaro on screen. whistle He incomprehensiblely evaluates how to activate Bonucci’s attitude, who extended to try to touch the ball but didn’t bother the defender’s point of view or Sebi. Meanwhile hell explodes, with dFace to face between Cuadrado and Fazioboth are fired, and Delight on the rampageAlso, a red card. ends like this, With Juventus at 9 and steam with fury.


Juventus – Salernitana 2-2
Juventus (4-3-3): Perrin. Cuadrado, Bonucci, Bremer, Di Siglio 5 (18 Alex Sandro St.); McKennie 5 (40′ st Soulé), Paredes, Miretti 6.5 (18′ st Fagioli); Costek 6.5 (34′ St Danilo), Vlahovic, Kane 4 (1′ St Melek).
Coach: Allegri
Salerno (3-5-2): nothing; Bron, Fazio, Daniel; Candreva, Coulibaly, Maggiore 6 (36′ st Chestnuts), Vilhena, Mazzocchi; Dia 7 (36′ st Bonazzoli), Piatek 6.5 (16′ st Botheim).
Coach: Nicola
Rule: Carpenter
Signs: 18′ Candriva (S), 45′ + 5 podium. Piatek (S), 6′ st Bremer (J), 45′ + 3 st Bonucci (J)
ammonite: Paredes (J), Kean (J), Maggiore (S), Bremer (J), Fazio (S), Piatek (S), Sepe (S)
Fired: Milek (J), yellow card, Fazio (J), Cuadrado (J)


Juventus have not tied in a Serie A match after being two goals behind since November 29, 2011 against Napoli (411 games before that).
– It was from October 30, 2015 against Roma that Juventus did not conclude a Serie A match with two players sent off.
– La Salernitana has drawn in 7 of its last 11 league matches (2W, 2P), including the last three period records (from May) in Serie A.
– Candreva and Piatek are the second and third goals that Salernitana scored against Juventus in the first Italian league away from home; The only precedent was that it occurred in de Vaio on May 2, 1999, but in Salerno.
Antonio Candreva is the first player to score in two consecutive Serie A matches at Juventus since Ante Rebic, who did so for Milan in 2021.
Salernitana is the seventh different team with which Candreva has scored at least one Serie A goal: Juventus, Parma, Cesena, Lazio, Inter, Sampdoria and others. Score among the players currently in the Ultimate Tournament.
– Krzysztof Piatek has converted six of his seven penalties in Serie A: for him, two goals in his last three matches at Allianz Stadium against Juventus.
– The last time Juventus closed the first half late by at least two goals in a home match in Serie A was on 25 April 2004 with Marcello Lippi in front (1-3 against Lecce in this case).
– This is the first time in history that Salernitana has closed the first half of the Italian Serie A soccer league with at least two goals.
– Salernitana is one of the three teams against which Bremer has scored more than one goal in the Italian league (Cagliari and Genoa others).
From the 2019/20 season until today, Bremer is the center back who scored the most goals in Serie A (12).
– Philip Kostik is the Juventus player with the most assists this season (3): Prior to the Serbian, Juan Cuadrado was the last Juventus player to provide assists in three consecutive games in all competitions in January 2021.
Federico Bonazoli’s 100th Serie A match.
Leonardo Bonucci is the sixth defender in the entire Serie A history able to score in 10 consecutive seasons in the competition, after Giacinto Facchetti, Agostino di Bartolomei, Alessandro Renica, Pietro Verchovod and Paolo Negro.