Angry happy but optimistic because…

Massimiliano Allegri is angry and focused, his team Juventus did not hurt against Paris Saint-Germain, but he lost and losing is never a good thing, even if you did not play badly and if your opponents recognized your competitiveness.

Allegri saw at the end of the match with the French, maybe a lot of relaxation, a lot of positive comments and a little anger at his loss and in the end if you lose you will not be happy.

The match against Salernitana should be different and Juve see worse, especially in the ability to create and achieve chances.

The Juventus coach says the pitfalls are there after the post-champions game.

Certainly there will be some changes, but Paredes does not touch: “The inclusion is good. Paredes plays also because Locatelli was a little tired and wouldn’t be in the match, he stopped yesterday and I can’t risk him and we will evaluate him in the next few days. We still have Di Maria in outside and should be back on wednesday.Pogba is out,Keza is training on the pitch but not with the team.Chesney is also still like Aki and Caio.I decided on the lineup so far,I will decide tomorrow morning.The match.Tomorrow’s game is more important because it should give us a boost to the match Next. On Wednesday he prepares himself given the importance of the match. In Italy, the matches have less space and are more tactical. Tuesday’s match with Paris Saint-Germain is easier to play because there are more spaces.”

angry but optimistic – The coach is angry and wants Juventus hostile: “On the positive side he left after 2-0 we had a good reaction. I don’t like it after Paris, where there is improvement and doing other things, Juve has us we passed to a team that played well after 2-0 and we also became nice. That’s not good. I’m so angry, you must be unpleasant, so we win. Otherwise, we are used to being nice and beautiful and losers. We don’t have to be nice and blini. We have to take the positive side of the game. And the boys know that, and we have an important game So we face it with the right seriousness We innovate day by day to create the conditions to achieve the goals It takes much more than that You don’t have to be pretty and kind The optimism that the engineer made me makes me very happy and so do I if we take the equivalent of Pogba, Di Maria and Chiesa from the teams The other? We have to be happy with what we are doing knowing the prospects are bright. We don’t have to be nice and cute or I will be very angry. I coach Juventus and I know we have to come back to win and do it with passion. We are in the beginning, and I would also like to see all the right passes. So many chances, so many shots Dat, and many cross passes. You can do it against shapes and sometimes you can’t do it against shapes either. We are working hard to bring Juventus where it belongs. Winning is something extraordinary. We didn’t win anything last year but we must be hungrier and we want to know it’s not easy. But we will do our best. The Wednesday after Paris there was no joy and we didn’t have to be happy that we didn’t get a result. We have to realize that we did good things, but we are angry at the result and because these matches can deceive us.”

The recommendations for tonight’s challenge are very clear, the three points are needed, to be obtained in every way, and the rest is just “beautiful” gossip.

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