Astonished by the very astonishment of CEOs! What changes in Fanta, between Dauphin and Muriel – SOS Fanta

On September 6, 2022 at 15:15

all crazy Rasmus Hoglund. Yes, because the 2003 Danish-born big boy’s impact with Serie A was excellent: he scored straight away at Monza, justifying those Nerazzurri dreams about the sudden investment from 17 million euros byAtalanta. The choice was to take a future striker, thanks to the injuries that turned him into the present; But at Zingonia they immediately realized that they had been wrestling with real talent, in strokes as well as in the head, since the first training session.

Whispering that the first effect with Gasperini It was perfect: empathy first, then determination from the next session. The feeling is immediate. Camp spoke. It’s still early, of course; But market participants say that when the goddess took Hojlund, she was there to be The managers of the best Italian Serie A clubs were surprised: “Did they really bet on him? How much did they pay him?” Everyone expected him to end up in the Bundesliga or the Premier League, which is a more natural move. But instead…here’s the surprise. Will it be confirmed after Brianteo is exploited?

This is also the real question in terms of the attack hierarchy. Cremonese is already on the next stage and Hojlund is traveling toward confirmation. In these cases for young players on the launch pad, every game counts, and another good performance would be an additional brick to his credibility. Gasperini has already conquered it And this is important: “We are convinced from the first training sessions that he has good characteristics for a boy of only 19 years old, who has a bright future. He is a very smart boy, I hope to help him grow and give him those pointers that can make him more important“.

So the next race will also be important because there are no Zapata and Morell also in the hole. Hojlund wants to confirm the starting position, at this moment bypassing Louis Morell in the hierarchy. But still Dauphin. It will still be a challenge, which will be determined by goals and performance. It is possible that Zapata will return after the break, and everything will be at stake again: it is hard to think that someone like him, if he is well, can stay out. But Gasperini, for example, can also experience the two-pronged attack. Or in any case, switching his attackers during the match would not be new to the Nerazzurri coach. In short, it translated into fantasy football terms: If Hojlund continues like this, he will still play a lot, while at the top level Zapata will also have space and end up playing on the bench. In terms of trade, Denmark is on the rise, in the noise But it may be too soon to give it up. Alternatively, Zapata also falls because he is injured but should not be underestimated too much, it can become an opportunity. For Hojlund repair auction Buying a potentially good surprise on the launch pad.

And we conclude instead Morelwhat comes out of it worst From this situation also because there is also Lookman which works very well. Meanwhile, the Colombian should come back from injury, then he’ll still be a wild card but now from secondary positions. The situation is not new but has been going on for weeks, as the price drop has continued since the beginning of August. We know Muriel, he’s someone who can take up to 10 minutes in a proper match to score. As a wildcard, it can also be kept, both in the repair auction (for those asking whether it will be released or not) and on the stock exchanges, where the value is now much lower. However, his position as a wildcard should be clear, hoping that sooner or later a goal or good performance will come to raise his rating.

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