Back to Spain 2022, submission race and 12th stage favourite: Salobreña – White Rocks. Estepona (192.7 km)

Uphill New Arrival to Tour of Spain 2022. The twelfth stage will cross the entire province of Malaga, from saloprina a white rocks; Estepona And you’ll live in anticipation of the final ascent that leads to the end, as the roughly 173.7 kilometers along the coast, preceding the start of the climb, are almost completely flat. The Peñas Blancas’ long climb, with a few peaks at 15%, could provide the perfect terrain for men in the rating to battle it out at a stage that could also see fugitive success, given many climbers now. of the arrangement.

time to leave: 12:25
Arrival time (expected): 17:16-17:46
Live TV and Live Broadcasting: 14:30-18:00 Eurosport 1/14:30-18:00 Eurosport Player, Discovery+, GCN
Official hashtag: #LaVuelta22

Phase 12 Vuelta a España 2022

You’ll live this phase in anticipation of the final ascent, the only GPM for the day, as the previous 173.7 kilometers were almost completely flat. After leaving from saloprina The group will continue along the coast to Malaga. In this section, the first thirty kilometers are only slightly undulating while the rest are completely flat. The route will then leave the coastal road for just over sixty kilometers to head inland to the hills above Marbella. Returning again along the coast, runners will always continue heading west without any difficulties in climbing until reaching EsteponaThe finish line for today’s flight was set at 172.4 km. From here the long final ascent of . will begin white rocks (19 km by 6.7%). Almost twenty kilometers of climb, with a few peaks at 15%, you will definitely feel in the legs of the runners.

Climb the 12th stage of the Vuelta a España 2022

Noun cat quota GPM beginning height DISL % with
white rocks 1 1270 192.7 173.7 19 1239 6.7%

Favorite Stage 12 Vuelta a España 2022

In Vuelta’s previous grueling arrivals, the best pace definitely appeared Jay Fine (Alpecin-Deceuninck) which has already imposed itself twice. The Australian will also want to defend his club, the Polka Dot Jersey, further increasing his advantage over other competitors. From jogging or out of the group on the first slopes to climb, Vine can hunt down the trio. Needless to say, if the big group were to also compete for the success of the stage, the relief of the number one favorite player would undoubtedly go to RYMCO EVENBUIL (Fast Step Alpha Phenyl). The Belgian has smashed the competition so far thanks to the grueling pace with which he has always managed to create a vacuum. Even the rise of Benas Blancas seems to be lending itself well to gaining strength and Maglia Rossa can still span the standings.

Among those who can find space while jogging or get the green light because we find places far away in the ranking Mark Paddon (EF Education-EasyPost), already on the offensive last week, which together with his teammates Esteban ChavezAnd the Hugh Carthy e Rigoberto Oran He is called in to retrieve a disappointing expedition so far to train the United States. On the other hand, the one who already raised his arms to heaven is Mark Soller (UAE Team Emirates) who tried again on Saturday to finish second behind Fine. The Spaniard is certainly in great shape and could still benefit from it. Speaking of the home occupants, great champions so far in the Vuelta ale, Enrique Mas (Movistar) will be determined to reclaim second place, having been overtaken by Primoz Roglic at the end of the time trial in Alicante, and here he can find the perfect terrain to do so. He might try to leave his mark too Miguel Angel Lopez (Astana-Premier Tech), an excellent time trial author who is ready to climb some positions in the rankings in stages like this.

Returning to the home riders, they have been surprised so far John Ayuso (UAE Emirates Team) H Carlos Rodriguez (Ineos Grenadiers) And for each stage success is an added confirmation, as well as a great result. While there are many distant climbers in the general classification, and therefore have some freedom of movement to try to give themselves a victory on the stage. Among them is definitely not to be underestimated Thymen Arensman (DSM Team) E Ben O’Connor (Ag2r Citroen), both are still in the top ten, while very far Richard Karabaz (Ineos Grenadiers), who hopes to succeed in a very negative shootout with the Vuelta, with Jay Hindley (Bora-hansgrohe) who hopes to find the stroke that allowed him to win the Giro d’Italia. Instead of that Mikel Landa (Muntasir Bahrain) che Tibo Pinot (Grouapama-FDJ) They have never hidden that their goal is to win a stage and this could be the right opportunity.

Might try again too Louis Meintjes (Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert) who on Sunday had his first GT success, or alternatively his teammate Rin Taaramäe (Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert), already in third place in Colláu Fancuaya. Among those who can experience the shot from outside the table, also pay attention to Alexey Lutsenko (Astana-Premier Tech), Santiago Buitrago (Bahrain victorious) H Clement Champusin (Ag2r Citroen), while among the Italians, in addition to Vincenzo Nibali (Astana Premier Tech) H Domenico Pozofevo (Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert), they can experience glory again Samuel Batistella (Astana Premier Tech) H Eduardo Zampanini (Muntasir Bahrain).

Favorite Bag Phase 12 Vuelta a España 2022

***** Jay Fine
**** Remco Evenepoel, Mark Padun
*** Miguel Angel Lopez, Enrique Mas, Marc Soler
**Thymin Arincmann, John Ayuso, Richard Karabaz, Ben O’Connor
* Jay Hindley, Mikel Landa, Alexei Lutsenko, Tibo Bennott, Carlos Rodriguez

The most famous cyclists in twins Twelfth step back to Spain

For some parameters on which to base your choices for fantasy cycling or other games, we suggest a chart with the riders selected by most users subscribed to twins For the 12th stage of the Vuelta a España 2022. Who has the most confidence from the fans? Do you expect an annoying result from some outsider? Among the riders we didn’t credit as favourites, did anyone pique the fans’ interest instead? You can also try to challenge hundreds of participants from all over the world who participate in the popular game.

to share Costa 5,00 EUR Each team will start with a minimum prize pool of 500.00 EUR. The prize will be the winner €9,045.

Weather forecast phase 12 Vuelta a España 2022

partly cloudy. 0% chance of precipitation. Humidity 38%. Winds up to 23 km/h SW. Expected temperature: minimum 23 degrees Celsius, maximum 33 degrees Celsius.

Big Chugs Phase 12 Vuelta a España 2022

Aside from the long final climb that can stay in the legs of more than one runner, the wind can present the biggest predicament. In fact, nearly all of the stage will develop along the coast where strong winds will likely be blowing, at which point the race can be moved around well before the final climb.

Altimetry and Planetary Measurement Phase 12 Vuelta a España 2022

Timetable Phase XII Vuelta a España 2022

Location kilometers timetables
Upon arrival from departure 41 km/h 39 km/h 37 km/h
saloprina 192.7 0 12:25 12:25 12:25
start the morecar direction 192.7 0 12:34 12:34 12:34
Mericar 182.5 10.2 12:48 12:49 12:50
horse 176.7 16 12:57 12:58 12:59
Nerja 160.5 32.2 13:21 13:23 13:26
Torrox Costa 152.7 40 13:32 13:35 13:38
Lagos 146.3 46.4 13:41 13:45 13:49
Grupo – Costa 143.4 49.3 13:46 13:49 13:53
Mar برج Tower 140.3 52.4 13:50 13:54 13:58
Binagraf 129.8 62.9 14:06 14:10 14:16
Victory Corner 121.7 71 14:17 14:23 14:29
morality cover 119.1 73.6 14:21 14:27 14:33
molaga 108.7 84 14:36 14:43 14:50
Kartama 87.7 105 15:07 15:15 15:24
Currency 74.3 118.4 15:27 15:36 15:46
Globalism 65.2 127.5 15:40 15:50 16:00
join 54.7 138 15:55 16:06 16:17
Marbella 44.5 148.2 16:10 16:22 16:34
Saint Peter of Alcantara 36.1 156.6 16:23 16:34 16:47
Estepona 20.3 172.4 16:46 16:59 17:13
Port starts by MA-8301 19 173.7 16:47 17:00 17:15
white rocks; Estepona 0 192.7 17:16 17:30 17:46

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