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BMC Shows the new on the sidewalkbike from gravel performance.

With the launch of the Kaius 01, its first high-performance gravel bike, BMC is also introducing the new Gravel Performance Series. Developed with the technologies BMC uses in its road models, the Kaius 01 is a race bike designed to meet the demands of unimpeded off-road riding.

“The Kaius is a lightweight gravel bike that is built to run fast when the terrain gets bumpy,” explains Konrad Glassy, ​​Head of Product Management at BMC.

The Kaius 01 offers the perfect combination of weight, stiffness, flexibility and aerodynamics. With its climber pedigree, precise power transfer and cushioning necessary to relieve the multiple stresses of the terrain, the Kaius 01 expands the horizons for performance previously not possible on dirt.

The Kaius Carbon Package uses high modulus carbon fibers to provide rigidity, keep weight low and counterbalance the additional weight required to gain flexibility and strength. In this way the overall weight is kept to a minimum and the power transmission is maximized. Areas of the frame exposed to rocks and bumps, such as the bottom of the downtube, are protected to give occupants peace of mind when it comes to overcoming more treacherous surfaces.

Results? A dirt-specific road bike, its versatility lies in the mid-range of BMC’s Race Tuned Compatibility Concept technology.

Kaius 01 was built with a very specific purpose: to go fast on dirt roads. For this, BMC has created a dirt-limited tire with a longer range that moves the front wheel forward to improve stability and increase traction. With a shorter stem for more responsive handling, the Kaius 01 features progressive geometry for an ever-changing driving style.

Stefan Krist, Head of Research and Development at BMC, explains the processes that combined the two worlds of road racing and dirt driving: “We have adapted the Kaius to the peculiarities of off-road activity to take advantage of the precision and performance of our sector-leading technologies, while ensuring front-end stability with speed and traction. High on the most rugged surfaces.

To add even more performance detail to controllable driving, the Kaius 01 uses BMC’s proprietary ICS cockpit systems.

The new ICS Carbon Aero Cockpit on the Kaius 01 ONE (the flagship model) is used to match the performance of BMC’s racing bikes with a lowered front section. A maximum width of 360mm at the struts allows for efficient aerodynamic positioning, while the 12.5° flare and 420mm width at the drops ensure excellent control even at the highest speeds. The Kaius 01 TWO and THREE models are equipped with the ICS2, BMC’s advanced trunk system in which cabling is fully integrated. ICS2 also provides a high level of tuning and world tour performance.

To reach the highest level of integrated functionality, the Kaius 01 features BMC’s Aerocore design, an advanced solution that integrates bottle cages into the frame to improve aerodynamic performance.

Being a race bike, the Kaius 01 is not only solid and flexible, but also light. The unit weighs just 1,785 kg, with a frame that weighs only 910 grams, the fork is 400 grams, the seat post is 160 grams, and the cockpit is 315 grams.

The Kaius 01 is equipped with everything a cyclist would expect from a high-quality gravel race bike. Versatile in design, it can mount 1x and 2x drivetrains, tires up to 44mm, dropper shaft, new MTT suspension stem and top tube mounting bags.

“Whether it’s the hot Spanish deserts or typical American endless gravel trails, the Kaius is the gravel bike for every scenario, even the toughest ones,” David Heine, BMC Marketing Director.

The Kaius 01 is available in six sizes (47, 51, 54, 56, 58 and 61) and three models. Kaius 01 ONE TWO and THREE, available from September 2022, costing €11’499, 8’499 and €5’499, respectively.