Because there is nothing better than a rugby tournament

The four nations of the Southern Hemisphere include Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa in a league very similar to the Six. And it doesn’t matter if Ireland tops the rankings before France, the “southerners” are still dominant

The four strongest in the world. As if they were the four semi-finalists of the World Cup, but with two fundamental differences. The first: the World Cup takes place every four years and here it happens every year. Second: No semi-finals and finals, a total of four matches, two per team, but all against all, home and away, a total of 12 matches, six matches per team. and the Rugby ChampionshipRugby League. She was born from seeing nations, now four nations, and is considered the best ever. In strict alphabetical order of countries: Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. In fictitious order of nicknames: All Blacks (New Zealanders), Pumas (Argentines), Springboks (South Africans) and Pap (Australians). In convincing order of numbers: New Zealand (seven times first out of nine), Australia (first and five times second), South Africa (first and third times) and Argentina (eight times fourth and third time). Rugby from the southern hemisphere, rugby from the other side of the world. Rugby game from another world.

It is true that the world ranking attributes the first place to Ireland, the second to France, the fifth to England, the sixth to Scotland and the eighth to Wales, and five champions from the six countries (the sixth is Italy, and the fourteenth) while the four countries came in third (South Africa), fourth (New Zealand) and seventh ( Australia) and ninth (Argentina). But all things considered (quality of play, level of show, audience size…), Southerners seem to be in control. For at least six why.

Because after the jingles and before the match, when the All Blacks play, there’s Haka, the Maori war dance, a ritual, a requiem, a celebration, and an in-show performance that should break down geographical barriers and convey meaning. Of belonging, however, to a world not only mathematical, but also cultural. Unfortunately, even here, even here, intolerances (rare) occur.

Why is the All Blacks team, even if it’s in the world rankings They were never downDespite losing three consecutive matches (two against Ireland and one against South Africa) and five times in six matches, it didn’t happen for long that they could remember it by heart, They continue to be everyone’s team, the super team, the team that wins even when the opponent can score more points.

Because after all, rugby is still the national sport (and international vehicle) for Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, in school, in newspapers, on TV, in fashion, in style, in bars.

Because in the Southern Hemisphere, the show was distinguished by the score, thus attacking the defense, and trying – in Test matches or in tournaments like Rugby – to remember the defense without ever forgetting the attack. The show is the one that opens eyes and hearts, enlightens the people and the market, gives two hours of separation and recreation from wars, crises, epidemics and droughts.

Because every nation has remained true to its nature (South Africa to the body, New Zealand to the imagination, Australia to the physical imagination or great physique) and because Argentina has never forgotten its hunger.

Because there is no fear of argument, change and revolution: So Pumas relied on Australian Mike Chica to lead the first team, so he hired Ireland’s All Blacks Joe Schmidt to tackle the attack.