Benetton Rugby, McCray: “It is necessary to train defensive principles” | Today Treviso | News

Treviso – Leone returned to training yesterday in La Ghirada following Friday night’s friendly match in England against Sale Sharks. There is talk of BENTV callus macraethe new defense coach in green and white.

Callum, how are the first weeks in Treviso going?
“The first few weeks in Treviso were excellent, the group welcomed me very well, the staff, the players are really organized and I noticed how hard you work here. I arrived already before the start of the season, but I immediately realized how much work had been done and in which areas of play the team wanted to focus. On it.Personally I was near here, in Mestre, about ten years ago, my Italian is still a bit rusty.One of the reasons for returning to Treviso is that I remember the good experience I had in Mestre, just as it was for my family.I couldn’t wait Until I’m in Treviso, aware of how well people treated me in the last experience.”

What does your work focus on most and what defensive principles do you want to give the team?
“My defensive philosophy is to properly implement basic principles. Applying them in every situation, without considering opponents and their strategies, I must clarify the most important concepts found in three main areas: pressure on the system, pressure on interventions, and pressure on kicks. Three basic rules to recover the ball from opponents. It is vital that you perform well on the field as these three areas require, rugby is not a difficult sport and it is about doing simple things well against every opponent.”

Can you give an analysis of the first friendly match against sharks?
“In Sale we played our first friendly this season, the first game for everyone. There were some changes and we gave everyone a chance to brag to understand how they fit into the pre-season work. It was a tough evening, the result is clear and leaves us no excuse. Poor performance in some areas, we looked at the mistakes we made, had to put more pressure on Sale against their kicks, when they started from the podium, they had a lot of chances to start their offensive combinations. We can control the way they attack from our game. We reviewed this more Special. It’s essential that we get off to a good start. We’re focusing a lot on this to better compete against Edinburgh.”

Friday evening the second friendly match against Edinburgh, a team you know well since I trained there until last season…
“I coached for five years in Edinburgh, it will be a special match for me. I know the Scottish coaches and players very well, they are always well trained, they have an organized team that plays well in the hand and our focus is on sabotaging these aspects in Edinburgh. Breaking the pace and the way they play However, I am interested in preparing the team well for the test on Friday night, without considering that I have been in Edinburgh for a long time. I am as excited as all of our players are.”