Beyond its (brutal) growth – Libero Quotidiano

Leonardo Yanacci

A redhead is flying and carrying new hopes for the world championship when Ferrari in Holland on Sunday meets the other monsters of its unfortunate year. The Rosa we are talking about has only two wheels and it is the Ducati Bagnaia, the new centaur destined to enter definitively the hearts of Italians, orphans of a certain number of 46.

At Misano, Pecco completed an exciting four-game poker game that he won in a season that saw him top the podium on five occasions. This time another Desmosedici has arrived behind Pecco, Enea Bastianini, the monster who will join him in 2023 in the Bolognese official squad. And who touched this achievement on the last lap when he clung to Biko in the fourth round and almost mocked him, making a fatal attack foul and touching this achievement.

There is good blood between the two, and in yesterday’s fierce challenge a prediction of what will be the future of MotoGP in the coming years has been staged as the two young Italians threaten to occupy a sport that has, in recent times, suffered a bit of a complex inferiority towards Formula 1 which is seeing an upsurge in media attention.

Third, in San Marino and the Rimini Riviera Grand Prix, Vinales arrived on another Italian bike, the amazing Aprilia. Sadly Dovizioso said goodbye to MotoGP with a 12th place that does not match the history of this rider.

“I got so excited on the last lap and got weird sensations, I thought I’d better live,” said Duffy, who seemed moved at the end. «I enjoyed the last bends, my friends were already there ready to greet me …». Closing the champion leaving on the Italian double, on the new one that is ahead, on Bagnaia and on Bastianini: «The future of MotoGP is in good hands». It’s all true, therefore, on a wonderful weekend of tri-color motorcycles, up to the perspective of the absolute Pico World Championships. Now Bagnaia, the first driver in history to win four consecutive races with Red from Borgo Panigale, is 30 points (181 to 211) behind the leader, Quartararo, yesterday only fifth behind Luca Marini.

Re-launched by the Valentino Rossi Academy in Tavolia, Pico appears to be on the right track to be the perfect disciple of the Doctor. “I’m very happy, it was a great afternoon and the race was great. The bike was slipping a lot at first,” said Pico. “Ina and I set great times, my best lap reached the finish; I tried to get away from him but he was too fast.”

He has remained a little muted on the prospect of a world comeback: “It’s still 30 points behind and there aren’t a few, we’ll see, we’ll focus race after race.” Bastianini couldn’t ask for more: “I tried to win on the last lap but Pico was amazing.” The next race is on September 18 in Spain, with GP Aragon. Alonso Lopez’s first success came in Moto2. But in Moto3, Dennis Foggia fell behind on 4 KTMs, beat Misano and is now third in the standings behind Guevara and Garcia.