Bicycle Market Rumors: Pauline’s Most Wanted, VIDAURRE Most Wanted

as always World Cup Grand Final It’s also the moment we start hearing the most confirmed “rumours” about market moves within the top teams in the coming seasons, which will be pretty hot considering we’re talking about the pre-Olympic biennium.

There’s no confirmed news, it’s all rumors and advice, but with a good grounding of reality the only thing certain is that it’s in niche places and in the Rockrider Gerhard Kirschbaumer e Stefan Timberbut it appears that both places have already been filled.

Martin Fedawori: Specially Wanted

It is rumored that “all” of the teams made very generous offers to the Chilean Martin Fedori Kosman, the U-23 World Cup winner who has shown in recent seasons that he could be the future of the sport. Vidaurre made the entire American trip with the Scott-SRAM team and thus definitely looked like it’s coming to Nino Schurter Stadium, but in Val di Sole everyone definitely took part in a fantastic and 6-year run from Vidaurre to the specialist factory team. If that’s the case, Spacey will find himself in the evening after Scott blew Kate Courtney under his nose in the world champion’s shirt.

If Martin goes to Specialized, Scott will find himself not covering the role of “Nino 2.0,” because N1NO would also be the Goat, but he’s not immortal and at Scott-SRAM they are definitely thinking ahead. According to some rumors, a very strong young Swiss could come to serve Frischi, but no one bothered to let the name “run away”, but it also meant that somewhere could free himself at Scott-SRAM and we had a couple of ideas to make.

Pauline dancing solo, maybe… with Tom

Another big whisper that was moving from field to field at the beginning of the Daolasa Cable Car was talking about the future Pauline Ferran Prevot. His relationships with BMC MTB Racing have been choppy for some time and since the start of the season he has embarked on a true solo journey with the support of an exceptional technician, Cecil Ravanel. If it was said until recently that the French woman would join a new factory team that had to be born in France, with French bikes, now Prevot 2023 appears to be going in two directions. There are two hypotheses and one closely related to the character of Ravanel.

The bombshell, which hasn’t been confirmed, but comes from a social media post by her technical coach Ravanel, is that the world champion could join a new team with Commencal Bikes, the brand that supports Ravanel, at the Val d’Or. Use the sole complete suspension form with the Pauline Ferran Prefoot adhesive. Other rumors on the pastures suggest he could go in another direction and that the jersey is the one he shares with Tom Pidcock of Ineos Grenadiers. In this case, Prevot will become one of the deluxe pirates who will be able to choose materials and techniques as Pidcock does. One hypothesis will be confirmed and the other denied, but certainly at the end of the season.

Change BMC at the top?

Although it’s not a racer, one of the interesting innovations moving below deck is the changeover at the top of the BMC team. If these rumors are confirmed, Julian Absalon will have to leave his position as team manager and Alexander Moss will return in his place. Julian might have more freedom to devote himself more to putting together an e-bike team with Mustache and Bosch, something he’s been excited about lately.

Within the BMC team, there is talk of the arrival of a high-profile French athlete with the most famous name being Jordan Sarro, who has certainly been introduced outside of specialized racing. However, without Pauline Ferrand Prevot, BMC would also need a women’s part to remain the UCI Elite team, no news about him, but Sina Frei is also known to be leaving Specy, and that BMC did a 2×1?

Orbi and Kroos leave the cup?

Speaking of the difference, it looks like two brands are going to break themselves out of the trophy circus, Orbea and Kross. The Spaniards have increasingly focused on the very strong “Ambassadors” team on social media, but very few in the rankings seem ready to welcome the Orbea-KMC team, which should become a new factory under the “Marianne” brand with a brand new factory that will instead return to World Cup after a long time.

On the other hand, Cross will release Ondrej Cink and Thomas Litscher, both of whom are currently without a specific destination, and with that the Polish brand will close its doors unless one of its major tech sponsors is re-entered.

Avancini without a home?

The other big rumor is that even Henrique Avancini will currently be without a team for next year, even as we see it unlikely that a man as big as him will be able to find a secure signature for the upcoming seasons.

It is true that the leading man in Cannondale now is Alan Hatherly, who among other things must be joined by another very young cyclist, a first-year elite with a British passport that would add to the barge that confirmed Simon Andreassen and Austrian phenom Mona Mitterwalner.


After Stephane Timber bid farewell to Racing, Team RockRider Racing find themselves with some interesting youngsters, Joshua Dubow above all else, but they lack an experienced man to be a leader. In fact, this place is said to have already been filled, once again by another French MTB icon, who will leave his current spot to return to the Trans-Alpine land.

Photo © Kino Derlin

And the Italians?

As far as the top Italian teams are concerned, there doesn’t seem to be any disruptions, except for the market bombs at the last second, it seems all are confirmed in place. Santa Cruz FSA and Wilier Pirelli continue their rise to the elite MTB world, closer to teams like Scott-Sram and Specialized Factory.

Photo © Alex Louis

Wilier Pirelli is known for the arrival of some strong youngsters, actually very young, for future growth, which in recent years has been the real strength of this team, while we don’t know if Santa Cruz FSA wants to add to it’s already interesting roster unless there are names Well hidden casing at stake.

One of the few rumors in the Italian market is that the biker who is currently working abroad has returned to his homeland, but nothing has been completely confirmed.