Bivio De Zerbi: settle for a ‘small’ or wait for a big one? Between La Bologna and dinner with Guardiola… | first page

Last year must have been difficult for him Robert de Zerbe. A call to a great European football reality like him ShakhtarFirst successes Then the war and stop. Days, weeks of cares that perhaps the first time for someone like him, Football has taken a back seat to the coach’s priorities. Farewell to Ukraine and return to Italy were mandatory steps but certainly nothing short of suffering. In the former Sassuolo, he is now starting to miss the field and in the First Division, the player who makes his team play well always serves like bread.

Rumors – That is why, with the first squeak of the seats, his name returned. The Bologna He set him as his number one goal for this job MihajlovicI Monza It always hovers as a possible hypothesis, but there’s certainly no underestimation from the bigger squares. The important thing is to understand what de Zerbe wants. After years of excellent results and many compliments, the Brescia player has to start a new adventure. And now you understand what kind of coach he is. The so-called small is still yours otherwise Are you ready to go ahead and take on a team with legitimate high intentions, if not a very high ranking? To the rossobls he said no, at Monza he could have answered the same way. Then are you excused strobethe candidate can be an alternative Donadoni. Will De Zerbi want to get into a reality like this in the coming months or wait for a call from a big player?

and options – Given that in Rome and Milan, on the Rossoneri side, the seats look very solid, Not many other opportunities left. there is the Naples Where he played and enjoyed greatly Lawrence. The first rumors started but Spalletti does a great job and seems destined to stay. then there Juventus and InterA little bit in trouble but with Long agreements with their coaches This would represent leaps in the air annoyed him. In short, it’s time to make decisions in De Zerbi: take the first train or wait for the high-speed train to pass.

sina – In the meantime, he inquires, happens and goes to “school” who is better. It dates back a few days actually Photo showing him having dinner with Barter de Roi. Great coaches and ambitious coaches sit at the same table. with him Pep Guardiola and Daniel De Rossi with Alexander Kolarovwho could be his deputy in his future career as a coach, and other lesser known heroes in our football like Antonio Jagliardinational team tactician Mancini and Juventus Berlow. To serve as the master of ceremonies, post the photo on Instagram, it was like that Marcelo Quinto, former footballer and former deputy of Alberto Aquilani on the bench of Fiorentina Primavera. Between one dish we were also talking about football and trying to steal as many secrets from the game totem as possible. Between Pep and Roberto, the feeling has been going on for some time. The former Barcelona has always praised his way of getting teams to play, while De Zerbe is famous for his phrase “It is better to lose the Champions League final with Guardiola than to win it with someone else“At the moment, the two meet in restaurants, but the hope is that they will soon be able to compete in European camps.