Bologna, 1 million incentives for electric bikes. No to sharing scooters

The streets of Bologna could soon be filled with 2,000 electric bikes. And be “free” of scooters.
Incentives for electric bikes
Incentives worth 1 million euros for the purchase of electric bikes and cargo bikes.
This has been foreseen by the municipality of Bologna as part of the National Operational Program “Capital Cities 2014-2020”.
Contribution requests can be submitted from today, through Spid, in the dedicated municipal portal, where all the details can be found.
From this year, the contribution has increased, from 300 to 500 euros for pedal-assisted bikes and from 600 to a thousand euros for cargo bikes.
As in previous years, the incentive cannot exceed 50% of the expenses incurred by citizens for the purchase of a car.
This initiative, through which the municipal administration aims to promote the use of electric and sustainable mobility, is aimed at residents of the municipality of Bologna, all those who live in the metropolitan area and employees of workplaces in Bologna in entities and companies that have a mobility management agreement with the municipality of Bologna.
The goal is to incentivize the purchase of 2,000 electric bikes to reach 7,000 vehicles in total from 2011 to today.
The initiative was presented by the municipal councilor for new mobility Valentina Orioli, On the occasion of the press conference to launch the European Mobility Week in Bologna (16-22 September 2022).

No to sharing scooters
The same administration also revealed that it is unlikely that electric scooters will be circulated in Bologna, as in other Italian and European cities.
After the ups and downs of the pandemic, the e-bike-sharing service, which makes 360 electric bikes available 24 hours a day (plus 2,200 muscle-pedal bikes), is now flying with significant usage numbers.
It was for evaluation Simona Largetti, Municipal council member and delegate to the city’s cycling major. “Now – he said – we record only three thousand daily electric bike rides for the sharing service, it’s very exciting data for the goals we set ourselves, and now the service is also active at the airport.”
But on the horizon there is no intention to extend it to electric scooters, as Chancellor Orioli emphasized: “We do not think it is a suitable service for a city like ours with 63 kilometers of arcades, an area that is prohibited, among other things, for the use of bicycles and we think it will be more difficult to prevent the use of bicycles. Shared scooters, so we opted for the principle of caution.”
However, Largetti points out that private scooters, “should not be demonized, as if they were a new public enemy: according to the latest surveys by the DC’s Road Safety Observatory, scooters are only associated with 1.2% of accidents, which are not dangerous, and therefore There is a problem with scooters that needs to be addressed, but the big problem of high speed on the roads as a cause of accidents is still there.”

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