Bologna and Vinucci: “Motta is the new coach. And on Senisa…”

The CEO of rossobl club explains the reasons for the reversal and announces the new coach who will take over on Monday. Vigiani will be on the bench against Fiorentina on Sunday

By our correspondent Matthew Dalla Vet

First press conference after three and a half years without Sinisa Mihajlovic. To explain the turnaround – which tomorrow will see Vigiani and Magnani off the bench, starting on Monday Thiago Motta – there is Managing Director Claudio Fenucci. “We have decided that the coach from Monday will be Thiago Motta – says Vinucci – I tell you officially, but the thing I would like to focus on now is tomorrow’s match against Fiorentina. His choice is also for a long-term project Mihajlovic was difficult because the human relationship we established, and I I consider him a friend, she was strong. We thought about her and looked at the team’s progress in the calendar year: The team has only won 4 times since January. Every for many years, a club has gone down from our sales, so we had to think of something. I was sorry for some of the criticism because obviously no Reality knows, however, the relationship we had is known, and what she gave us and us to him, a hug that will remain in the history of the club.His example of his dedication to work, and also of his staff who worked when he was away: everyone is always welcome, and I think not all of them deserve Brief rulings.

Morals are not

Vinucci delves into the details. “When we decided to extend Sinisa’s contract, it was to make up for the lost year due to his situation, and there was always a special engagement with him: we started this summer again with the hope that the group would work but it didn’t work: we talked and decided to make the change, it’s also a special season with two championships in one. A painful decision, very painful, also because we believe that the team has values, given the requests we have received.The club accepts any kind of criticism on the technical side, but there are no moral lessons for everything that happened and for the history that has been created in recent years between us.Senesa’s message?All The decisions made were in mutual agreement. Days? We thought for a long time, where we had to change, we accelerated the situation. Mota? I would like to talk about it as little as possible now, now there is a race to be won.”

I’m Florentine

Then here’s Luca Vigiani, who will direct tomorrow’s match on the bench with Paolo Magnani: “I’m Florentine against Viola? Nice and motivating feeling, leading the first team in Serie A is challenging and beautiful. We have to put an extra burden on her, she grew up in Fiorentina. – From the youth team to debuting with Ranieri – but we need to keep a balance. I received many letters from Florence but didn’t have time to read them all – the interim technician smiles – What four days of preparation were we? We touched on all the points a little bit , we focused on intensity. I found a group very involved in the work we wanted to do. Fiorentina? The key to understanding is attacking them, then we have to be managerial and aggressive, we have to understand situations and always be prepared. I haven’t heard of Thiago Motta. Tactical preparation? No It seems appropriate to turn things upside down, let’s cling to the certainty. Everyone must take responsibility, it would not be right to leave it to three or four players alone. What clicks? The responsibility, in fact, to change the situation. How is Arnautovic? I saw him particularly participatory to give convert to To put. Barrow and Ursolini? Everyone should give something more. Everyone, that’s what changes the balance. Does my son play in Primavera in Fiorentina? Extra payload…”.