17:04 – With the game, our live text also ends here: up All the rumors and news after the match.

90 + 7 – the game ends here. Disastrous last 30 minutes for the Italian coach’s men. Thus, Fiorentina remains steady at 6 points in the standings

90 + 6expulsion of IgorFiorentina match ends badly. The Brazilian wrongly stopped De Silvestri, with the ball leaving the field

90 + 4 – Viola desperately rushes into the attack

91 + 1 – Muharram Igor Which stops restarting Orsolini

90′- There will be 7 minutes of recovery

89′- Cabral’s header from Mandragora’s cross ends wide

86′- yellow for Lycogyanis This pulls the Ikoné out. First yellow card in Bologna

84′- Double change for Fiorentina: exit Kwame e He lovedinside Cabral e mandrake

81′- Barrow chance. The Gambian frees himself well on the edge of the area and leaves the score that frightens Terracciano, but ends on a massive scale

80′- Bonaventura tries but his shot ends meters to the side of the goal defended by Skorubski

78′- Double changes for Bologna: outside Cassius and Midel, inside De Silvestri and Bonivazzi

75′- A quarter of an hour to finish. The Italian men are trying to get up to find a tie

69′- Changes for both teams: Viola replaced Barak Deceive CreatorIn Bologna, the patient is discharged Arnautovic and enter Ursolini

67′- Another opportunity for the hosts. Bologna resumes the counter-attack after a corner kick from Biraghi. Arnautovic in front of Terracciano can’t find the winning drift that Quarta annoyed

65′- The VAR did not detect any irregularities. Starts with a score of 2-1

63′ – to caution! Silent check in progress

61′ – Incredible Black from Purple Defense! Cassius expects Quarta, the Bologna player to pass the cross in the middle and Arnautovic is the fastest of all time, thus finding a winning deflection that deserves 2-1

60′- The first change in the house Bologna: far Cambiassoinside Lycogyanis

59 & # 39; – The Bologna draw arrives immediately. Scoring the 1-1 goal is Barrow: The Gambian, after an excellent ball from Arnautovic, takes advantage of Igor’s mistake, and as soon as he stands in front of Terraciano, he makes no mistake.

55′- Bologna is now trying to regroup after being hit with the goal that opened the match

53′ – GOOOOOOLLLLL! GOOOOLLL! Quarta opens it! When developing a corner kick, the ball ends up at Sabunara’s feet, pinned to the edge of the area. The violet winger jumps to two opponents and puts a ball in the middle that Quarta only has to put into the net, after Skorobsky is unable to interfere.

51′- big closure of the fourth on Barrow. The Gambian was ready to serve Arnautovic in the penalty area, and the Argentine’s shutdown was violent

50′- The second warning from the match is He lovedwhich stops restarting Bologna

49′- A chance for Fiorentina! Kwame He enters the penalty area and jumps on two opponents, but the result he reached was rejected by Rosoblu’s defense

46′- First card in the race: Hey Kwame The first yellow card in the match

45′- We are leaving again at Dall’Ara! Fiorentina’s second change: Saponara replaces Sottil


45 + 5 – Corner kick taken by Captain Biraghi: A teammate’s header ends high. This is how the first half ends

45 + 1 – This is the first change to the game: Outside the infected dodo, inside the venoty

45′- There will be 4 minutes of recovery

44′- Forced out on the dodo stretcher. Ready to take on Venuti

42′- On the ground is a dodo bird. The Brazilian touches his calf, while Venotti warms up

38′- Nice work between Dudu and Jovich. The Brazilian relies on the Serbian player, who returns the ball to the purple full-back who shoots at high speed

35′- Basic close to Terracciano on Arnautovic! Asutriakuu was fired into the depth, closing the far purple cannons

32′- A chance for Bologna. After a series of rebounds, the ball fell to Barrow’s feet but his shot was saved by Biraghi

30′- Barrow corner exited. Terracciano starts again

28′- The match resumes, immediately a corner kick for Bologna

26′- Cold break, game stopped

24′ – Fiorentina’s chance! In terms of previous free kick developments, Quarta hits his head well, finding an excellent response from Skorupski.

23′- Bonaventura takes a free kick from 25 metres. piraghi beats

19′- Nice ball back by Barak. Czech relies on Kouame who leaves her a Bonaventure: The left of the Italian ends high, not much

18′- The positive phase of the match for the hosts. Now Viola is defending themselves behind the ball line

15th’ – Good close Biraghi on Kasius. Barak then misses the pitch in favor of Sutil. Bologna starts from the back

11′- It’s Viola who’s playing the game. Bologna is trying to get the ball back and restart quickly

6′- Bologna entered the game. Rosoblu’s pressure makes it difficult to maneuver the viola

3′- Danger to Fiorentina. When developing a corner kick hit by Biraghi, the hosts start again and manage to break through the penalty area. Close Quarta in the corner is Providence

2′- The Italian guys start strong and immediately try to take charge of the game at hand

0′- Let’s go! Kick-off beat by Fiorentina

14:45 – Greetings to readers And welcome back to life Bologna FiorentinaThe match is valid for the sixth day of the Italian Serie A. The official line-ups for the match are as follows:

Bologna (3-5-2): Skorubsky, Locomo, Medel, Bosch, Cassius, Soriano, Scotten, Ebicher, Cambiasso, Barrow, Arnautovic. everybody. Vijayani. Available Bardi, Bagnolini, Sosa, Moro, Orsolini, Zirkzee, Bonifazi, Ferguson, Lykogiannis, De Silvestri and Vignato.

Fiorentina (4-3-3): Terracciano, Dodo, Quarta, Igor, Biraghi, Barak, Amrabat, Bonaventura, Sottil, Jovic, Kouame. everybody. Italian. Available: Giulini, Seruvolini, Sabonara, Cabral, Icone, Melih, Terzec, Ranieri, Venotti, Mandragora, Bianco, Krastev.