Bologna official: Mihajlovic sacked

The decision at the end of the summit with the management, pushes the Serbian coach for a complex start in the league

Sinisa Mihajlovic is no longer the coach of Bologna. The formal nature ofExemption This came at the end of a discussion with management held Tuesday morning in Casteldebole, which did not lead to an agreement on an early termination. Serbian coach A . pushes A little slow start to the tournamentwhere rossobl just won three pointsthe result of the largest number of drawings, in the first five days, finds itself On the edge of the landing zonejust ahead of Sampdoria and the three newly promoted Lecce, Cremonese and Monza.

For Miha it shuts down”The trial started in January 2019, when he took over from Filippo Inzaghi. Now the team will be entrusted to the Primavera coach, Luca Vigianibut the company is already working on an alternative: it’s a two-way race Thiago Motta and Claudio RanieriDeceive Paulo Sousa more isolated.

In three and a half years, Mihajlovic has always led the team to a safe salvation, but he has never succeeded in that leap in quality that Sabotos expected. The best ranking remains 10th in the 2018/19 season, as a substitute.

Club contact: ‘The inevitable decision’

“The professional relationship between Bologna FC 1909 and Sinisa Mihajlovic has come to a halt today. A decision that unfortunately became inevitable, despite the strong emotional bond that had been created with the club and the whole city in these exciting and exciting three and a half years. Unfortunately, even the technical courses that gave sporting satisfaction, Such a course, you can run out and lose the initial orientation.Special thanks go to Sinisa and his staff for facing work, in very unusual and delicate circumstances from a human point of view with exceptional sincerity and professionalism.

“It was the hardest decision I’ve made since I was president of Bologna,” says Joey Saboto. “In recent years, Sinisa and I have experienced beautiful and painful moments that strengthened a relationship that is not only professional, but above all human. Mihajlovic has faced the disease with courage and determination from the day he wanted to announce his health condition at a touching press conference. Since then, and despite his hospitalization, and the heavy effects of the treatments he underwent, he has always remained close to the team, doing his best to be in contact with the players, in person or in contact, thanks also to his professionalism.His staff The club and the whole city rallied around the coach in this difficult personal experience, although Mihajlovic has always claimed that he was only evaluated for his work. Now, unfortunately, is the time for a change of technical leadership: a painful decision we had to make for the good of the team and the club. But even if Sinisa Mihajlovic is no longer coach of Bologna as of today, this club and all the people who They will always be by his side until he recovers fully and completely and for the rest of his career.”

“The relationship we all have with Sinisa Mihajlovic goes far beyond the professional aspect,” adds Managing Director Claudio Fenucci, “and it is natural that today we all regret the conclusion that we have tried to avoid as much as possible. Friendship and affection beyond their professional roles will always bind me to Sinisa, but today we find We are compelled to make this painful choice for a team that represents first and foremost the legacy of the entire city and the fans. I say to Sinisa thank you for the commitment he put into his work, even in circumstances of personal difficulty. He is an example that remains in the history of our club.”