Brc, Tommaso Belanda leaves rugby –

Tommaso Belanda, captain of Biella’s first rugby team and historic player for the club with a third-row role, leaves rugby playing. “Unfortunately, it is a mandatory choice, due to the aggravation of some physical problems that have plagued me for some time and already last season they kept me out of the fields,” he explains reluctantly, “At first I thought it was a natural exacerbation of neck pain, but the medical examinations forced me to retire. Read More What I regret is not being able to finish playing on the field, because, after these problems, I still feel very good and very excited. I would have been happy to play at least two more seasons at a good level. It is difficult but you have to look the reality in the face.”

Do we remember your beginnings? “I’ve been playing rugby for about twenty years and for fifteen years with the first team. I took my first steps with the oval in my hand on the middle school team, obviously with Marco Porrino. Entering Biella Rugby as a card was the next step and yellow and green was a continuation of my athletic career. Suppose I started ‘for the sport’ and then, having done so well, I couldn’t help but go on and fall in love with it.” First-team captain since 2017. Since the year of promotion to Serie A, I have been for four seasons. It was an honor from the start: when Andrew and Aldo asked me to do it. It was the year that ended with a sweaty upgrade, but I deserved it so well, I couldn’t help but be in seventh heaven. I thank all the comrades with whom I have been involved in this field in that period and also in previous years. I am proud and honored to share my journey with all of them. I hope I have left a good memory and that I have gone through what Biella has always been to rugby and rugby.”

Bella Rugby. What that was for you and what it will mean in your future: “BRC was and is ‘home’ first and foremost. It’s family and that’s why it’s so hard to say goodbye. I plan to soon become a supporter of that fact out of the field as well, but we’ll see what the future says.” Seeing a great comrade of mine become the new president is a strong indication of the will of every member of this family to continue the project and the traditions bequeathed to us.It will be great, one day, to be able to continue the project with the comrades with whom I have shared twenty years of rugby. In conclusion, I wish my teammates well, and thank the club and all the managers for allowing me to embark on this wonderful adventure.”

Memory of his teammate Marco Borino: “I learned of his passing with great regret. Tommy is a great man. He has been a well-liked and respected captain and has always shown his value on the pitch, both as a player and as a man. Unfortunately, these physical problems no longer allow him to enter the field as a player, but I am sure of That he will continue to be a part of this family by grabbing some of the right roles for him to remain ‘our’. Withdrawal is part of the life cycle of all of us, it was undoubtedly premature. We wish him all the best for what his non-sporting life will be like. It won’t be easy Replacing a person and an athlete with such great value.”

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