Brozovic mocked the bomb in the 89th minute

In the San Siro team Inzaghi suffers and clings to the rescue of Handanovic, then in the final the Croatian decides everything brilliantly

After losing in the derby and losing to Bayern in the Champions LeagueInter He raises his head and returns to win at the end of a grueling and agonizing race. On the sixth day of the first division Inzaghi beat Torino 1-0 in the extreme And up to 12 points. In San Siro in the first half, grenades stifle maneuverability and play with more depth, resulting in Handanovic For a big intrusion on Vlasic. In the second half, the one-seeded Nerazzurri still keeps his team in the match with his saves, and then in the final Brozovic (89 ‘) decides the match with a soft touch in the area and an assist pass by him stretcher.

the match
Three points dirty and suffered. Thanks to a goal at the end of the day, Inter rejected Torino’s thorny drill and interrupted a complicated week. Brozovic is considering making the San Siro explode in the 89th minute, but Handanovic is the great champion of the match. Not good news for Inzaghi, who will have to start again in a decisive manner from the battle against the grenade to make the group understand the direction he intends to take to continue fighting for the Scudetto. Fight closely, who will not admit many missteps and who will have to never give up. A bit like against Torino after several minutes of suffering, a small match and a furious ending in an escalation.

After the Champions League clash, Handanovic, de Vrij and Parilla returned to Inter in the Meazza. However, there is still space for Dzeko-Lautaro along with Dumfries and D’Ambrosio outside. Choices Juric responds, not off the bench due to pneumonia, by emphasizing Vlasic and Sek behind Sanabria, Lazaro and Vojvoda in support on the wards with Lukic and Linetti in the control room. With teams built, the start of the match is all about studying. Organized and cautious in scoring, Torino is relying on possession and trying to protect the support of Barilla, Brozovic and Calhanoglu in midfield to stifle the Nerazzurri match. In the search for space to make it vertical, Inter instead maneuvers into the view from below and invite outsiders to skepticism. After a good raid by Darmian on the left, Lautaro does not frame the target from the edge, then Dumfries and DeMarco go to the cross, but their initiatives do not create problems for grenade defense. At a good pace, Juric’s team plays with the most speed, speed and quality in the strait. Handanovic is forced to half a miracle with his feet on Vlasic to avoid the grenade advantage. An opportunity that makes the San Siro shudder and forces the Nerazzurri to change their tactical position a bit. Difficult to maneuver, pressure in physical duels and with Brozovic and Calhanoglu in sight by Linetti and Lukic, Inter tried to skip the midfield and immediately rely on Dzeko. On the one hand, Buongiorno blocks Lautaro’s left foot, freeing Djidji well with a poisonous free kick from Calhanoglu and Brozovic’s fireball from distance. On the other hand, Handanovic’s intervention at Seck’s initiative is still decisive.

The second half started with Torino still under pressure on the left and Inter had to defend themselves and play for a throw-in. After a good initiative by Vojvoda, Vlasic serves Sanabria in the area, but Handanovic flies to the grenade launcher and still keeps Nerazzurri afloat. Sanabria risks red for a hit on Calhanoglu, then Dimarko’s left finishes off the edge wide and the teams stretch, turning the match into a rhythm and continuous beat. On the other hand, Handanovic is still having to extra time after Rodriguez’s skewed free kick and two more times against Vlasic, on the other hand Milinkovic-Savic Calhanoglu expects, then Dzeko’s weak kicks from the edge and Lukic closes well on Lautaro. The occasions that after an hour of play and a grenade on their legs opens the path towards the Nerazzurri’s end almost entirely. Under pressure and reboot speed, Team Inzaghi increases the number of cycles and payouts. A skewed cross from Dimarko ends at the post, then Milinkovic-Savic header close to Skriniar and Djidji gets close to Barilla. Higher and faster to win the ball, Inter shines and in the last attacks with their heads with many men. Attitude that pays off. After Handanovic saved several times on Radonic, the Nerazzurri opened the match with a grenade mockery with a touch from Brozovic in the 89th minute with a decisive pass from Parilla’s speedometer. A very heavy three-point shot. For morale and order. Inter struggles with Torino but brings home the full booty and remains clinging to the Scudetto.

report cards
Handanovic 7.5: Save the score with at least six critical interventions. Attentive and responsive, even if style isn’t always perfect. Keeps the Nerazzurri in the match until the exciting final
Brozovic 6.5: As long as he stays on the field, Linetti is on top of him and can hold him back. In the end, he set the leading shot that defines the race by making the best of Barilla’s superb pass
Dzeko 5: Djidji puts it in plain sight, often finding it beforehand. In physical trouble and in recovery is not very evident in some simple games
Lautaro 6.5: When the ball reaches his parts, Inter shines and attacks with more depth and effectiveness. The right evil exists, and the goal is to be revised a little bit
Linity 7: He puts himself on Brozovic and does not give up and sticks to him. As long as he stays on the field, he defuses the Nerazzurri’s source of play, then goes out, and it is the Croat who decides the match.
Vlasic 7: He plays with leg and technique between the lines starting from the left and communicates well with Vojvoda and often goes to shoot. He draws football and engages Handanovic on at least two occasions e
Section 6.5: In the squad he runs and snatches and the Demark-Darmian tandem is kept busy, but he manages to see him even as he presses toward the center, aiming for the goal. Graceful despite her significant physical size

Inter Torino 1-0
Inter (3-5-2):
Handanovic 7.5; Skriniar 5,5, De Vrij 5,5, Dimarco 6 (31′ st Bellanova 6); Dumfries 5,5 (23′ st Bastoni 6), Barella 6,5, Brozovic 6,5, Calhanoglu 5 (31′ st Mkhitaryan 6), Darmian 5,5 (40′ st Gosens sv); Dzeko 5 (23 Korea St. 5,5), Lautaro Martinez 6,5.
dis: Cordaz, Onana, Galliardini, Aslani, Accra, Dambrosio, Carboni. everybody.: Inzaghi 5.5.1 Update
Turin (3-4-2-1): Milinkovic-Savic 6; Djidji 6, Buongiorno 6, Rodriguez 6 (31 st Zima 5.5); Lazarus 6 (45′ st Singo sv), Lukic 6.5, Linetty 7 (24′ st Ilkhan 5.5), Vojvoda 6; Vlasic 7, Seck 6.5 (24′ st Radonjic 6); Sanabria 6 (45 ‘st Pellegri sv).
dis: Fiorenza, Gemello, Bayeye, Schuurs, Karamoh, Adopo, Aina, Garbett. everybody.: Yorick (on Barrow Seat) 6
Rule: separate
Signs: 44′ St Brozovic (1)
ammonites: Brozovic, Lautaro (I); Sanabria, Lukic (T)

• Marcelo Brozovic scored his second goal in the league, goals in each of the last two matches of the tournament: the Croatian scored a goal for two consecutive games only for the second time in 239 Serie A matches (in both cases in 2022 – in April against Spezia and Roma).
• Marcelo Brozovic is the only midfielder to score at least two goals in each of the last eight seasons of Serie A.
• Inter won all their last four matches at home against Torino in the First Division. The Nerazzurri have not accumulated at least four consecutive home wins against the grenade in the league since between 1969 and 1976 (seven consecutive wins in this case).
• Inter have won all of their last seven home matches in Serie A, the longest streak since the one recorded between October 2021 and January 2022 (seven again in this case)
• Inter kept clean sheets in the last two matches at home against Torino. The Nerazzurri have not collected two consecutive clean sheets at the San Siro against grenades since 2002-2007 (four games without goals in this case).
• Nicolo Parilla participated in three goals in the Italian league this season (one goal and Sanan), which came in the last three matches of the tournament after not participating in any goals in the first three matches of the competition.
• Torino has lost its last two Serie A away matches after being unbeaten in its last seven matches (5W, 2N); Grenades have not collected two consecutive knockouts in the tournament since November 2021 (a series of four in this case).
• Antonio Sanabria made his fiftieth appearance in the Torino shirt in all competitions.