Carbon e-bike: The ultra-light urban utopia is Urtopia

Urtopia carbon e-bike is very light with a total of 15kg. And very elegant too. a The bike that succeeded in Indiegogo and is now for sale on the Hong Kong company website

The light innovation of the e-bike world also comes from Hong Kong. Let’s talk about the Urtopia pedal assist bike. Former company name, now a manufacturing company at all Antiquities, stands for The virtuous city. e This Urtopia is designed to move around the city without much hassle. according to The latest bike trend is carbon Use a drive belt instead of a chain. Weigh 15 kg in total It can be purchased around the Urtopia website 2,600 euros. Particularly significant: Shipments from Hong Kong are not subject to customs charges.

Urtopia carbon e-bike: details

As for the basic specifications, Utopia is equipped with Carbon frame, fork, handlebar and seat base; transmission Sengia Gates Carbon quickly one. Branded aluminum rims with Kenda Kwest 700 x 35c puncture-resistant tires. Moreover I The brakes are hydraulic discI own the brand. with weight The 15kg is among the lightest on the market and is capable of carrying a maximum passenger weight of around 110kg. Buyers can choose between medium and large tire sizes.

15kg e-bike full of technology

The electronic specifications of the utopia include a rear axle drive from 250 watts. Lithium-ion battery Samsung and 360 Wh built into the bottom tube; Integrated 100 lumen StVZO headlight. Integrated taillight with projection direction indicatorsplus one Integrated LED control screen in the steering wheel. The latter displays data such as charge level, current speed, distance traveled and impulse assist level.

Only one gear, but 5 kinds of help

In this regard, it is possible Choose from five travel modes Using one of the two steering wheel controls. there Max Speed ​​Assist 20 m/h (32 km/h) for models sold in North America and of course 25 km/h in Europe. Battery charging is provided with a coil Range from 50 to 130 km As per help. With experience, it’s better to do something on some factory ad.

Carbon Gates Belt

There is also a standard Interesting fingerprint scanner in one of the control buttons for open the bike. Just as there is a file voice control via the microphone on the screen. A haptic feedback system that shakes the knobs to confirm changes in the assistance level. Not missing then Anti-theft protection system which issues an alarm and alerts the user via a companion app if the bike is moved while it is left unattended.

Smooth operation and lots of technology

The flagship of Urtopia according to those who have tried it is transmission fluidity Belt with the help of individual gear. At the same time, the bike’s torque sensor activates the engine without any delay and only compensates for the fact that Urtopia is single speed, as Automatically increases the amount of assistance When cyclists start it pedal harder uphill. The lighting fixtures may look a bit bulky but from Definitely helps with night driving.

Lights are cool but useful

Finally, those who wish to install non-genuine Urtopia parts on their bike, put their souls at peace. Actually because of Unique frame design Utopia, it is not so Compatible with any old flap, luggage rack, bottle cage or standard stand. Such as Accessories are available from the website Company specifically designed for use with Urtopia.

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