Cases of Cassani-Bugno, Irish Shadows: Dagnoni in the Storm

The president wanted to give a new structure to Federciclo. After 18 months, the regional commissions also challenged that

A businessman and industrialist, he studied at Politecnico di Milano in engineering and at Cattolica in economics and commerce, and is passionate about golf. It’s Cordiano D’Anone, Federciclismo’s president, at the center of this bad story about the commissions FCI wanted to pay through an Irish company. A story with a lot of gray areas, which also provoked the reaction of the regional commissions: “We want the truth”, after the Emilia-Romagna document containing the outrage of those working with the base and demanding transparency. The Union has lived through such tense days: the world of Dagnoni began to creak. It’s certainly very far on February 21, 2021 in Rome, when Dagnoni surprisingly beat Martinello on the ballot (128 to 96). After the De Rocco era, it’s time for someone who has always talked about “Federciclismo as a company”.

Brand matter

“The union needs to be run efficiently. Remove bureaucracy, simplify procedures. We’re separated from the base, we need more autonomy for regional and local committees. Bicycles should be brought to the camps,” Cordiano says. “Life is made up of challenges. This is just the next step. If cycling needs me, I’m there. You have to do it out of passion, not out of interest. The blue brand must be so valuable, the brand must in turn, now the marketing is zero.” And you need an organizational manager (Roberto Amadeo, ndr) to create efficiency.


Cordiano d’Agnoni is the son of Mario, a Cuban friend, who founded Darmic, the jewel of the Italian mechanical industry, in Limeto di Pioltello near Milan, capable of manufacturing industrial gears with a diameter of 11 meters for extraction plants and nuclear power plants. . His love is the circuit and permanent scooters, the ones that drive velodromes. Pista means Six Days in Milan: the heart race, which Dagnoni wants to organize again in his city. Just as he always kept the staircase open to build a racetrack next to the former Innocenti in Rubattino, in front of his offices, he launched the Coverciano cycling project in Montichiari. As a rider, Dagnoni finds himself on the amateur national team with Bugno and Fondrist, with whom he has a strong friendship (now under slightly discussed): same grade, Cordiano was born on July 21, 1964. As president he had thought of the ticket.. Fondrist-Bugno to lead the national team , like Mancini and Vialli in football. After that, Bugno was offered 30 thousand euros as a commission for bringing the ICT sponsor to the national team, but he received a clear refusal: “Thank you was enough for me,” the two-time world champion told him.


Dagnoni wins it all as a resident coach, then turns to sports politics: vice-chairman of the Lombard Committee in 2012, president since 2017 and then in Rome. But the president – businessman as first act slips into the story of David Cassani at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. On Election Victory Day, Cassani was identified as an “irreplaceable resource.” But Romagna could not be reconciled with the Union Company, and Dagnoni replaced him with Amadeo. Two days before the start of the Olympics, Cassani was told that passes are limited and he had to go home before the track races: he lost four gold for Jana and bronze for Viviani. Cassani’s torpedo is stopped by the truce imposed by Kuni boss Malago, but the series becomes scam and at the end of the season Cassani departs. “A punch in the face would have hurt me less,” the former coach said. “Danione did not respect me.” Hence it is Francesco Moser who attacks Dagnoni for the Spresiano track (which was halted by the company’s bankruptcy), and it seems that the Federation no longer wants to commit while the Venetian entrepreneurs are ready to keep going. There is the first episode with two of the three Vice-Presidents, Norma Gimondi and Ruggiero Kazaniga, who voted against approval of the 2022 budget: concerned about the overspending (a deficit of 1.2 million euros) of the normal administration that would have gone. To undermine the sums allocated by the Presidency of De Rocco (4.4 million). Then the federal membership of his wife, included in the list of accredited to the European Championships in Munich: a mistake, for which Dagnoni immediately apologized (and explained that he had always personally borne the expenses of family members), linked to the mandatory membership rules imposed by the UEC for obtaining accreditation.

gimondi . base resignation

Even the issue of committees and avatar: the resignation of Norma Gemondi, who was verbally attacked in the council by Director Crisavoli and tearfully, after protesting the famous decision on the Rewa Corporation. From that day (August 27) nothing can be the same as before.