Champions League, Haaland does not stop scoring. Real and Dortmund ok, Benfica too

The Portuguese are in the Juventus group and are starting well: Rafa Silva and Grimaldo are on the grid. Chelsea’s downfall with Croatia

Salvatore Malfitano

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Real Madrid does not comply, and Manchester City does not comply either. The path of two contenders to the ultimate victory begins as best they can, successfully away from home. It was supposed to be a long-distance duel between the most exciting strikers in the world, but Benzema’s match against Celtic lasted only half an hour due to a troubling knee problem. However, Ancelotti’s team is not affected by him, but on the contrary: in the second half they present interesting and effective football, defeating the brave opponent of the Scots with three goals.

The Nationals instead dominate the floor of the Seville stadium, which thanks Bono that without it the passive would have been much worse than the 0-4 final. In the Juventus group, Benfica safely beat Maccabi Haifa with the indomitable Grimaldo. In Leipzig, Shakhtar delivers the best story of the evening, cutting poker against the German team, but now they are in danger of being exempted. In 18.45 matches, Chelsea’s ugly exit at Dinamo Zagreb; 3-0 rather authoritative for Borussia Dortmund against Copenhagen.

Celtic – Real Madrid 0-3

A two-sided match for Real Madrid, somewhat disappointing in the first half and perfect in the second. Celtic are not afraid and are close to scoring several times. Abada clashed with Courtois in the 13th minute, then saved the goalkeeper from the post at the end of McGregor (21). The real reason for the apprehension, however, relates to the circumstances of Benzema, who is forced in half an hour to leave the field due to a knee problem. After the break, Ancelotti’s team imposes its quality. Vinicius concludes by opening the pot with a perfect choral work that started from the penalty area in the 56th minute; Four minutes later, it is up to Modric to finish bringing back Hazard from the outside. The Belgian dropped the curtain in the 77th minute, supporting Carvajal’s perfect assist from the right with the door unguarded. Furuhashi came close to achieving a well-deserved overall goal for the Scots, trying to clear Guetta’s cross with his knee, but the ball ran wide.

Seville City Manchester 0-4

The real question is how long will it take Erling Haaland to score his first Champions League goal for Manchester City, the answer is twenty minutes. The assist from the regular De Bruyne, who split to the right puts the usual ball behind the defense who pushes the Norwegian into the empty net. The midfielder is considered one of the most dangerous men: in half an hour he tries directly as a free kick, he finds only out of the net, but the real chance happens to him in the 49th minute. The Belgian steals the ball and trades with Haaland, who throws him into the goal but head to head with Bono ascending the ball. Guardiola’s disappointment lasted a few minutes, because Foden doubles down: inside the area only allows himself to go to two feints, then diagonal kicks (58). Seville’s resistance fades over time, and Haaland does not let him say it twice: in Foden’s shot, Bono stretched but the ball remained in the area of ​​the striker who still scored in the 67th minute. The Andalusian extreme defender avoids a negative situation worse than Cancelo’s strike (74), and he can’t do Anything instead at the end of Robin Dias.


A few occasions and moments when just about everything happens. This is how the match is summed up in Leipzig, where Shakhtar took the lead. At 16′, Gulacsi controls a ball on the trocar, but loses in a series of feints and Shved deposits the easiest of goals in the net. Ukrainians try to maintain the correct distances between the provinces, but without advancing with conviction. Thus, the Tedesco team raises the center of gravity and increases the pressure and in the 57th minute draw with Simakan, good at putting Trubin from inside the area. Not even the time of the kick-off, which Shakhtar realized: Shved received in sixteen meters, his skewed shot hit the goalkeeper. Leipzig lopsided in search of the same, Jovicjevic’s team penalizes the counterattack with Modric flying and finding 1-3 with an accurate left diameter (76′). The Germans collapse in the final, and also suffer the fourth goal in the 85th minute: Modric runs behind the defense, in the middle there is Traore who expects Gullassi to come out.

Benfica – Maccabi Haifa 2-0

It was not the usual strength of Benfica seen during foreplay, on the contrary. In particular, Ramos practically did not reach and the responsibility for the attacks passed directly to the shoulders of Rafa Silva. At 30′ right off the ledge, Cohen seriously commits. On the other hand, at the start of the second half, Vlacodemos also plays a crucial role in breaking out of the inaccurate control of Piero who hates the Portuguese. Schmidt’s team pressed the accelerator and opened the match in the 49th minute, when Silva sent a cross from Grimaldo’s left into the net. Then the latter conquers the scene six minutes later with a twenty-five-meter car right at the intersection, practically unstoppable for the double. The rest of the race is managing possession, a task that runs smoothly despite the danger Rukavytsya created in the final, which Vlakodimos thwarts.

Dinamo Zagreb Chelsea 1-0

Tuchel’s team immediately poured into the opposing half of the field and took possession of the ball as expected. Sterling and Aubameyang search for and find each other, perhaps too much because on two occasions, altruism just doesn’t work. Surprisingly, it is the Croats in the 13th minute who take the lead, on a pivot known as Italy given the champions’ past: Petkovic heads a ball from the defense, Orsic fires Fofana and in front of Kepa pokes him with a delicious outside touch. Still stalemate in maneuvering with the Blues, who are disadvantaged. And Dynamo becomes more dangerous, with Adeymi deducing from outside the area that the guard rejects him by half an hour. The game progress is basically the same as in the second half: Chelsea plays, opponents make scoring. Ristovski leaves really cool from afar, Kepa raises himself with the help of the crossbar (56′). Forcing the English becomes more effective in the end, with a massive doubling chance in the 86th minute: James’ sharp shot to the post was printed, on Jorginho’s cross-movement developments but his role was neutralized by Levakovic.

Borussia Dortmund – Copenhagen 3-0

The game seemed to promise balance, as after just eighteen seconds Copenhagen came close to scoring with Zika, who kicked in from the outside and hit the post. In fact, the Germans are not afraid and play the game. Brandt inspired Modest in the 9th minute, sending him a good shot into the center of the striker’s high shot area. And the quality of his dribbling remained unchanged even after Hazard went off in the first half, rather than a muscle problem in his thigh. Rina enters his place and will not make him regret it. Borussia Dortmund continues in the 35th minute: the initiative from the usual Brandt, who serves the pieces of Reus; The dry ball rolled on Favreau and hit the close goal that leaves no chance for Ryan. Seven minutes and training success for Terzic. This time Reus defends possession of the trocar, surrendering to Guerreiro who triangulates with Reyna and scores with an empty net. Upon returning from the locker rooms, the beats drop and then get stronger near the end. Brandt protects Ryan’s gloves, and Mukoko misses a free goal in an uneasy balance (80). However, Bellingham thinks of ending the match in the 83rd minute, when he concludes a good joint action with the help of Reina.