Champions League, results: Ajax and Barcelona show, Atlético Madrid is amazing

The Dutch beat Rangers 4-0 and lead with Napoli in Group A. The Blaugrana started well (with a goal scored by Casey), while Tottenham won their first match against Marseille. In Madrid, it all happens, with three stoppage-time goals and Cholo’s win thanks to Griezmann’s 101st goal.

Francesco Calvi-Salvatore Malfitano

In addition to Naples, another piece of Italy is smiling. It is Antonio Conte, who with Tottenham beat Marseille, thanks to Richarlison’s double, reached the final with ten opponents. In the Inter group, Barcelona immediately clarified their position by making it five in Viktoria Plzen. However, shirts change, not habits, for Lewandowski, the hat-trick author. He is the only one to have succeeded with three different shirts (Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich previously). Casey also scored in his first appearance with the Catalan team. In Madrid, everything really happens in the recovery, with Hermoso’s cross and the joy of Atletico. The defender scores 1-0 and immediately after making an unimaginable hand foul in the area, which allowed Uribe to equalize from eleven meters despite numerical inferiority; At 101′ it is Griezmann who writes the last word for his last breath. To monitor Ottavio’s condition for a serious injury. Deterrified goalkeepers in Brugge: Mignolet thwarts all threats, Hradecky instead takes serious responsibility for the ball that decides the match.

Tottenham 2-0 Marcel

Conte prefers a wait-and-see attitude, leaving the initiative of the game to Marseille. Spurs close very well, and the French do not have space to develop offensive maneuvering. So as soon as possible, the Spurs rush forward at the speed of Son, who gives a good ball to Kane at 40 minutes, but the striker’s diameter is lost at the bottom. At the beginning of the second half, the Tudor team remained in tenth place, when Mbemba hit the Korean ball, which flew into the net a few meters from the penalty area. The Italian technician is working to increase the quality forward by introducing Kulusevski for Emerson and the Swede in the 65th minute is considered dangerous with a left-footed spin. The English effort was rewarded in the 76th minute, when Perisic sent from the left a cross to Richarlison, who took advantage of the collapse of the opponent’s defense on Kane to head into Pau Lopez. The procedure is repeated almost in a similar fashion with Hojbjerg moving five minutes away and the score one, with the Brazilian successfully signing for Tottenham.

Barcelona – Viktoria Plzen 5-1

Nothing was expected but the Blaugrana monologue and that’s exactly what happens at the Camp Nou. Thirteen minutes later, Xavi’s team was in front thanks to Kessié’s header, who deflected Koundé’s side with a corner kick. The match could take a turn when the referee is ready to send off Christensen and award a penalty to the Czech for a foul on Mosquera, before being corrected by Var for an earlier offense by the striker. At 34′ the expected goal from Lewandowski comes with a precise right of the edge, but Viktoria Plzen does not give up and cuts short with Sikora, who is good at turning Jemelka’s cross from the left (44). But in the recovery period of the first half, the Polish repeats himself: Dembele collects the ball on the right and passes it with a kiss, with the former Bayern only having to dash into the net. The tunes are lowered physiologically, what isn’t missing is the nose to aim by Lewandowski who is still at 67′ stamped with an out-of-area placed surgery. Maneta is served by Ferran Torres, who unloads a powerful ball on pressure from the highly inspired Dembele (71′).

Atletico Madrid – Porto 2-1

The race was banned in the first half, between two teams who make compactness their strong point. Carrasco tries it straight as a free kick, with his attempt that ends over the bar (8′). Between the first and second half Koke became the most dangerous man, reaching the score from the edge twice: the first being blocked without problems by Diogo Costa, the second a goal that is then disallowed for an offside position. Porto begins to show itself dangerously and the great Oblak is needed to dodge Eustaquio’s strike from distance. The same goalkeeper is forced to make another decisive intervention in Ottavio’s shot from close range, who tried to block Taremi’s suggestion in the far corner. Then the Portuguese fell victim to a very difficult match in the 72nd minute and had to go out on a stretcher, with the match interrupted for several minutes due to rescue operations. Porto stayed in the ten shortly after sacking Taremi, who was booked a second time for emulating in the area. In the final, Hermoso is the protagonist of the first two goals of a crazy final: in the second of his nine-minute recovery, he scores by taking advantage of a turn that puts Diogo Costa out of play; Another pass for a crazy hand foul, which causes the penalty that Uribe changed. It seemed to be over but in the 101st minute, Griezmann decided it with his header on the corner after Witsel’s team, in the last action of the match.

Club Brugge Bayer Leverkusen 1-0

The first half hour is summed up in the long-distance duel between Diaby and Mignolet. The goalkeeper first blocks the shot from the edge (9 ‘), then in the 28th minute he spends a massive solution to the post more than Bayer Leverkusen player. However, if the Germans make it, Bruges scores. Indeed, in the 42nd minute, the Belgians took the lead: in the right corner, Sylla’s movement into the prominent near post was excellent, but the complicity of Hradecki who blocks and pulls the ball over the goal line is obvious. At 60′ Mignolet is still decisive at Packer, but nothing can be done on Shake’s header at 73’ on a Hudson-Odoi pass; However, the Irrati-Guida al Var couple reported to Bosnian referee Peljto that Tah’s infiltration was active in this case. There is no peace even in recovery, for Mignollet, who also rejects the punishment of Hluzik in full recovery.

Frankfurt – Sporting 0-3

The last European League champion challenges the Portuguese from Lisbon. In the first half, there are no chances: at 12 “Greenfield allocates a penalty for a foul by Linz, then changes his mind after Farr interferes. The guests risk paying dearly for some deviations in the setup phase, but at 45” the score is still 0-0. On his return to the field, Luca Pellegrini takes Linz’s place: Eintracht is trying to play for Colo-Moany, but Sporting prevail thanks to Edwards’ flashes. The striker was unleashed between 65 and 67 minutes: first, he overcame Trapp South, and then provided the assist for Trinkau with a 0-2 goal. In the final, newly entered Nuno Santos also scored the goals, signing for the final 0-3.

Ajax Rangers 4-0

The Dutch are playing the game, the Scots are never dangerous. In the first half the score was 3-0, as a result of the goals of Alvarez, Berguis and Caudos. The Mexican opens the match with a corner kick, then Lancer goes off into the wilderness. Tadic invents, impregnable bergen. At 32′ Berghuis doubles with a southern veered by Sands. One minute passes and Kudos scores 3-0, with a strong southern brilliance that kisses the post and ends up in the net. In the second half, Ajax managed the advantage, Rangers shortened the distance with Eurojol Barisic, and then canceled due to offside. Bergwijn also scores in the final: the ex-Spurs dribbles the goalkeeper, props into the net and celebrates … lying on the floor, in the grip of convulsions. Luca rejoices with his teammates, but this time he remains on the bench: the debut in the Champions League will come on another occasion.