Chelsea’s new Potter coach: An agreement has been reached

A quick fix for the London benches after Tuchel’s acquittal. According to American property, he is the right man to make the most of huge investments

From our correspondent David Cinellato

Graham Potter will be the new Chelsea manager. The 47-year-old, who has coached Brighton for the past three seasons, has reached a verbal agreement with the Blues: the signature of the multi-year contract is still missing and some small details about his staff need to be fixed, but Potter wants the work that reference shareholder Todd Buehle has offered him this afternoon. Yesterday after a head-to-head confrontation where Potter confirmed to Chelsea US properties that he was the one.


A lightning strike, how quickly the Tuchel era ended, was accelerated by the defeat of Zagreb in a return to the Champions League. On Wednesday morning around 10:30 Italian time, the German coach introduced himself to Cobham on his return from Croatia and found Bohli waiting for him, who personally informed him of his decision to sack him, a maneuver that will cost Chelsea another 10 million euros. . Closed with Tuchel, whose relationship with the property has deteriorated beyond repair, the Blues decide to bet Potter. The 47-year-old, who started his career as a professional coach in Sweden’s fourth tier, was chosen by Tottenham Hotspur as a replacement for Conte this summer if the Italian coach chooses to leave. The big jump for him was only postponed. Potter convinced the new Blues property with the results obtained with Brighton, revealing last year and the first 6 games of 2022-23, and for his style, he is not a major father but is able to involve players in the project and create a culture around the team. Exactly what, according to Boyle, Tuchel could no longer do. Chelsea have asked for permission from Brighton to speak to their manager, declaring that they are willing to pay €23m for his release. Potter showed up yesterday afternoon in London for an interview where he impressed Buhli: the job was always his if he wanted it.


Potter took a night of reflection while Chelsea looked at alternatives, to do a more fair search than to ask the former Brighton boss next. Mauricio Pochettino was never convinced. Ruben Amarin of Sporting Lisbon is more an idea of ​​the future than the present. Potter’s choice has always been Potter: while the coach showed up at Brighton Sports Center at around 10am to say goodbye to the last game, his representatives told Chelsea there was an agreement. Now it’s all about putting it in black and white. Potter wants his big chance, the Premier League at the highest level, and the Champions League where he could make his debut on Wednesday if all the details are not agreed to allow him to sit on the bench already with Fulham on Saturday. Boehly and his new Chelsea property want someone they can trust, who can create a new way of doing things. That’s why they chose one of England’s most promising coaches.