Chiariello editorial: “Spalletti is a great coach, but I want to give him some advice”

“Spalletti has the team at hand, because he is the real leader of this team.”

In the context of “Campania Sport” day Channel 21journalist Umberto Chiariello He enters into his usual editorial:I leave with excuses, I am often told why I am always nervous after Napoli win. It’s not nervous, but adrenaline. Spalletti’s press conference took my cool off, despite the fact that Napoli beat Spezia with a short nose. Today I was going to launch the Raspa-Rossi title, likening it to Mundial 82. Paulo Rossi was tough after his football betting issue, but Berzot’s confidence paid him back and Italy’s top scorer and World Cup title. Yesterday, with proper proportions, Spalletti against all logic kept Raspadori on the field throughout the match. He was the worst on the pitch, besides Ndombele, and everyone thought the coach changed him. Instead, Spalletti changed Kvaratskhelia and put Raspadori and Simeone together. If Raspadori had not scored and Napoli after Lecce also drew with Spezia, the atmosphere in Naples today would have been poisonous. Because the convincing victories with Lazio and Liverpool would have literally entered a draw against the small victories at home. That goal is sliding doors for Raspadori and Spalletti, who fortunately not on stage today, would have been unfair, and for Napoli who are now first in the standings. In fact, Atalanta was hampered at home by a sexy Musso duck, which many saw as stronger than Merritt, I just laugh at the idea.

Spalletti’s criticism can and should be made. Spalletti is right when he said that everyone should play, spinning is mandatory, that’s right. Those who criticize turnover are wrong, but this is not the topic of discussion. Because the rotation happens in two ways: by changing the men in the eleven starts and by changing in the opera during the race with the five changes. The initial turnover is necessary to give confidence to other players, put them in the team and make them feel part of the project. You can’t turn around two-thirds of the season and see the people on the bench took them because they didn’t train well and they got frustrated. Remember Lobotka with Gattuso, who gained weight to the point, and Rrahmani who debuted in January by mistake. All players must be on the tightrope to raise the level of the team. Olivera-Mario Rui and Lozano-Politano A healthy and positive competition, if you put Ostegaard for Rahmani or Juan Jesus for Kim there is no doubt.

Where do the doubts come from? When Spalletti gets to know a player, Ndombelé, who is not poor at all but must find himself, like the other Lobotka. Ndombelé is not a setter and is poorly shaped. Lobotka cannot be dispensed with at the moment due to the injury of substitute Dima. There will be the solution Gaetano, who played that role in Cremonese for half of the tournament, who yesterday when he entered had a huge impact proving he can. If you want to rest Lobotka put Gaetano and not Ndombelé, which is the alternative to Anguissa or Zielinski. These are tactical technical observations one can pass on in his profession as a critic of Spalletti, and he accepts these criticisms. Raspadori-Simeone? Cholito is center forward and Raspadori is a bit lower. There you give him a chance and you keep him on the field the whole game even if he doesn’t have 90 minutes. So football is like that, it rewards you. Sometimes it takes you away and sometimes it gives you. Rasbadori, having been the worst on the field, found the winning goal. This is a great sign for this season, which is added by another with the expulsion of Liao from Sampdoria, who will miss the big match with Napoli.

Spalletti is a great coach, no matter what someone wants to undermine wells and think is the evil of Naples. Spalletti knows how to keep the group in an unusual way, here there are no Icardi, nor Totti, nor Mertens. Spalletti is right to be angry when someone tells him he has a bad relationship in the locker room. Yes, he had some discussions with Politano and Mertens, but it would be wrong to say that this dressing room is not on the coach’s side. Spalletti has the team on hand, as he is the true leader of this team. But he also has to accept criticism and talk a little more, because this team has everything to win and also has a great leader that is. But I want to give a few tips for Spalletti. I would remind him that the role of a leader is not to develop great ideas personally, but to create an environment in which great ideas can be born.“.