Chicharito Hernandez’s tragic penalty is an athlete’s suicide: it could ruin the season

Chicharito Hernandez spoils a fine performance with a penalty that could now cost Los Angeles Galaxy dearly. The Mexican wants to overpay for making an omelette out of the slick.

The MLS It is entering its decisive phase. Every day can be considered final for teams Eastern and Western ConferencesAnd the. It is necessary to understand who will be able to enter the final chapter of the season, or the playoffs and who will have to give up by staying out. To participate in the playoffs to allocate the title, the first 7 of the two groups are ranked. And if Toronto Insigne, Bernardeschi and Crescito in the Eastern Conference relentlessly try to cut 4 points off the seventh place, in the Western Conference there are those who love. Los Angeles Galaxy Which could seriously risk being ignored.

After 2-2 against Toronto, the great protagonist, along with Rikui Puig, was Chicharito Hernandez. Dramatic simulation, almost like a comedian, around the world. The Mexican pretended to have been hit by an opponent when no one touched him. At night he was still the protagonist during the match against Sporting KS. The former United scored a great double by playing a great match, but the score stopped at 2-2. But at 93, the referee allocates a penalty kick for his field and from that moment on as the hero of the day, Hernandez becomes an easy target for Galaxy fans.

All this happens in just a few seconds, and is necessary to go from a perfect disaster to a complete disaster. He would have liked to put the icing on the cake in an amazing race. And somehow he did, yes, but by collapsing the entire castle he had built in the race. Against Kansas City it was very important to default Seventh place, which means the last valid position to qualify for the western qualifiers of the conference. For this reason, the penalty awarded in practice by the referee at the end of injury time seemed to be the ultimate salvation. The penalty kick was also modified in the video assistant referee (VAR) by the hand of Pierre. After the consultation, the referee decides to award the penalty kick. Hernandez immediately secured also strongly from a shot from eleven meters he scored in the 88th minute for another penalty kick whistle from the referee to Galaxy.

In this case, the Mexican opted for a normal shot that actually dislodged the opposing goalkeeper. But the penalty kick that could have given Los Angeles the three points and thus an important leap forward in the playoffs, was a fiasco. Hernandez wants to overdo it and end up making an omelette. Decides to make the so-called “spoon” So dear to Francesco Totti who made him known to the whole world on the occasion of Euro 2000 against Holland. But unlike the former Roma captain, Chicharito Hernandez match ends comfortably in the arms of the goalkeeper who stands still and curses him as soon as the ball is blocked. The score was 97′ and the referee immediately after Chicharito’s shot would have blown the final whistle. Thus, the game that was supposed to make the Mexican a hero turned out to be a real failure.