Church to CM: ‘Rosso agrees with the Leao, Pairetto and Orsato disaster. Bonucci-Kandreeva, too much haste in the problem of Farr and Melek: What do you do now? | first page

The appointment of the SOS Arbitri column also continues with Massimo Chiesa in the 2022-2023 season. The former international referee exclusively for microphones Calciomercato.comPlaced under the magnifying glass The main slow-motion situations in each day of Serie A matches, the positive aspects (if any) and the allocation of votes to the referees of the Italian League. Below is a summary of the episodes The sixth day of the first division.

Napoli – Spezia 1-0
Santoro (Yes: Valerie) 6
“He’s managing the match well and the disciplinary action against Spalletti is also good. He could have had a little more character, but that has been falsified over time.”

Inter Torino 1-0
Airoldi (var: de Bello) 6
“Three yellow cards but with a good coefficient of play. Red is assigned and removed in Snapperia: just change your mind after reviewing the procedure.”

Sampdoria 1-2 Milan
Blacksmiths (Var: Abyss) 6
“Leo’s first yellow has been corrected too, and he communicates a lot. The second is inevitable. True, even if the check was too long, they canceled De Ketelaere’s goal due to Giroud offside in the middle of the area. All the decisions made with VAR Kjaer and Sabri have also been corrected. “.

Atalanta Cremonese 1-1
Colombo (Var: Guide) 6
“An interesting referee prospect, but in Bergamo he was swaying in management: very wide at first, then zero everything. Only to remove Okoli’s goal with his hand.”

Bologna 2-1 Fiorentina
Orsato (Var: Maggioni) 5
“Fiorentina was sanctioned. In Bologna there was the one who was considered the first referee, so much so that he got his second World Cup waiver. Cassius on Martinez-Quarta is a mistake and he is stuck with his thesis despite being properly summoned to VAR to review the procedure. Confirm your mistake, strange” .

Lychee 1-1 Monza
Barreto (var: de Martino) 4
“Lecce is heavily punished, there are two kicks, both for handballs: Maro nets, some other doubts about Molina, but that also deserves a penalty. Who was in the VAR? Di Martino, who was sent off last year not for age but for technical reasons. ..”.

Sassuolo 1-3 Udinese
Camplone (Var: Di Paolo) 6.5
“It’s not a particularly complicated match, however, and the only important decision is being made well about Trisoldi’s expulsion.”

Lazio vs Verona 2-0
Irrati (Var: Mazzoleni) 6
“Keep up the match well, assessing Hien-Immobile’s fault and Kallon-Cancellieri’s connection well. Sarri’s rude gesture she didn’t have to see, even if it was one that should be stigmatized.”

Juventus – Salernitana 2-2
Marcenaro (Var: Banti) 6
“The kicks are fine, both Juve and Salernitana. Bremer on Piatek, well done in letting it go: there is a cross, but it is not enough for a penalty. From the point of view of the match he held up well and until the last minutes the referee was more than enough. The goal was disallowed in Milik. For offside (denial from photos of Candreva who didn’t see himself in the match but arrived later), I agree with their decision on a fundamental reason: the regulations for active and passive offside have not changed, geographically Bonucci was offside. I would have considered him good if he had not tried to play the ball. From a point of view “Official, it’s true Bonucci doesn’t hold back from Sepe’s point of view, but while trying to hit the ball he’s back in play. This first option is valid given that in VAR they evaluated all the photos that also showed Candreva. The second option is that those photos didn’t reach VA R was found. Did the VAR have to wait 15-20 minutes for Candreva’s images? Yes, if there is any doubt, yes. If Candreva Bonucci is kept at stake, the speeches end. Now another problem appears: What happens to Melek? Is he fired or not? If the target is irregular then Melek should not be expelled: will the second yellow be removed?“.

Empoli Roma – Postponement
Marinelli (Var: Chiffi)

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