CicloMercato 2023, Italians without contract

I Market Cycle 2023 It opened on August 1, but there are still many Italian riders without a team for next season. Many Italian athletes are at the center of rumors and negotiations over potential transfers or contract renewals, with several officials likely to arrive by the end of the year, but finding space in modern, increasingly global cycling is not easy, especially in the case of Lack of Italian WorldTour training. For this reason, this year the editorial team of SpazioCiclismo also presents you with an article with i Italian riders without a contract for 2023At the market opening, there were a total of 49 No-Deal Blues for the next year, 16 in the WorldTour and 33 among professional teams, a number that has already fallen to 44 Hopefully, it will drop further as the weeks go on.

As usual, we took into account riders who in 2023 have an existing contract with teams from the first two divisions, specifically WorldTour and Professional, which are for all professional intents and purposes under the current system (while also considering that current regulations require contracts for continental teams to be registered annually). ). The list does not take into account any riders who, despite completing their disqualification, in 2022 did not have a contract with any of the two major cycling divisions. We clearly remember that this is a list based on what has been made official by the teams and riders themselves, or on what has been learned from our editorial team.

In the event of inaccuracies, we would be grateful to those directly concerned to inform us of any changes so that we can provide the public with an updated list as closely as possible and in line with actual reality. In the event of errors, interested parties can contact our editorial team by writing to us directly Mailor use social networks on Twitter (@outer space) and Facebook (outer space).

The riders are marked with an asterisk if there are rumors, interviews and statements regarding their contract for next season, although there is no official agreement yet.

Italian riders without contract 2023

a trip around the world

Astana Qazaqstan
Samuel Batistella
Christian Scaroni

Bahrain victorious
Jonathan Milan

David Villa

Intermarchy and Ante Joubert
Domenico Pozofevo

Israel-Premier Tech
Alessandro de Marchi

Lotto Soudal
Filippo Conca *

BikeExchange-Jayco Team
Kevin Colleoni*
Alexander Konichev

Trek Segafredo
Gianluca Brambilla
Dario Cataldo *
Matteo Mochetti *

Emirates Team Emirates
David Formula
Oliviero Troia


Berdani CSF Faizanè
Enrico Batglin
Luca Covelli
David Gaborough
Filippo Fiorelli
Fabio Mazzuko
Sasha Modulu

Pangoal Bowles Sauces WB
Marco Tizza
Attilio Viviani

Drone Hopper-Androne Games
Mattia Paes
Alessandro Bissolti
Luca Chirico
Leonardo Marchiori
Umberto Marengo
Simon Ravanelli
Filippo Tagliani
Eduardo Zardini

Aeolian the culprit
David Pace
Simon Bevilacqua
Alessandro Vancelo
Francesco Gavazzi
Giovanni Lonardi
Mirco Maestri
Edward Ravasi
Samuel Reeve
Diego Rose

Gazprom Roseville
Marco Canola
Giovanni Carboni

Novo Nordisk Team
Andrea Peron
Umberto Poli

total energy
Niccolo Bonifazio *

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