Cole in front of WIEBES. Best Italian Barberry

The third stage of the Simac Women’s Tour also ended in a sprint and once again the winner was a DSM athlete: this time to cross the finish line first he Charlotte Cole. One day European champion Lorena Webbs She put herself at the service of her partner, gave her space and crossed the finish line in second place by raising her arms and cheering her up. 3rd place in the match and ends today Jenep Kahn Georgia Baker (Team BikeExchange – Jayco). best italian Rachel Barbieri Which ranked seventh

Race The third stage of the Semak Women’s Tour saw most of the scheduled 139 kilometers with the group pushing the pedals hard. Small exceptions to this tactical plot were an attempt orchestrated for a few kilometers by Justin Jkier (Plantor-Bora), Sophie Wright (ADQ UAE team), Danic Hengfield (GT Crush Tunap Pro Cycling) and Elaine van Ruijn (AG Insurance – Team NXTG) in the central part of the stage and some correspondence skirmishes with the Mookerheide rupture, facing twice, and the lanes from the end where the intermediate end lines were laid.

Five kilometers from the finish, the women’s sprinters and teams in the classification are in place: DSM, Jumbo Visma, Trek Segafredo and BikeExchange – Jayco has raised the already fast racing pace even more. In the straight final, when the Wiebes trio now looked certain, here’s a sweet gesture from the European champion who has put herself at the service of her companion Kool.

In the general classification we always find Wiebes in the lead with 17″ on the Kool and 18″ on the Swinkels (Team Jumbo-Visma), Paladin with eighth having the best Italian athlete overall.

Tomorrow’s “List” of Stage 4 of the Simac Women’s Tour anticipates a 135 km stage with the start and finish at Landgraaf, and in the middle some tears can be selected.

access command

1 KOOL CharlotteTeam DSM03: 16: 44

2 WIEBES Lorena Team DSM,,

3 BAKER GeorgiaTeam BikeExchange – Jayco,,

4 Cobone Clara FDJ – SUEZ – Futuroscope,,

5 Dronova Street Tamara Roland Kogias Edelweiss Team 00: 0

6 THE SWEET MylèneAG Insurance – Team NXTG,,

7 BARBIERI RacheleLiv Racing Xstra,,

8 Jackson: AlisonLiv Racing Xstra,,

9 SWINKELS KarlijnTeam Jumbo-Visma,,

10 Paladin Chandeliers Canyon // SRAM Racing,,

11 THOMAS LauraUAE Team ADQ,,

12 UNEKEN Lonneke Team SD Worx00: 02

13 HOSKING ChloeTrek – Segafredo,,

14 DUVAL EugenieFDJ – SUEZ – Futuroscope 00:03

15 AHTOSALO AnniinaUno-X Pro Cycling Team,,

16 D Wild Jolly

17 BREDEWOLD Mischa Park Hotel Valkenburg,,

18 GASPARRINI Eleonora CamillaValcar – Travel & Service,,

19 HENDERSON AnnaTeam Jumbo-Visma,,

20 BUJAK EugeniaUAE Team ADQ,,

21 KASPER RomyTeam Jumbo-Visma00: 04

22 HARRIS EllaCanyon // SRAM Racing,,

23 RIJNBEEK MaudAG Insurance – NXTG Team,,

24 GROSSETHEAD MaëlleFDJ – SUEZ – Futuroscope,,

25 CONSONNI ChiaraValcar – Travel & Service,,

26 KOREVAAR JeanneLiv Racing Xstra 00: 05

27 PLUIMERS IlseAG Insurance – NXTG Team,,

28 VAN HAAFTEN KirstieParkhotel Valkenburg,,

29 CORDON-RAGOT AudreyTrek – Segafredo,,

30 Burr Caroline Roland Cogeas Edelweiss Squad,,

31 ROSEMAN-GANNON RubyTeam BikeExchange – Jayco,,

32 Marcus Reagan Jumbo Fisma 00:06

33 Mollman Ashley Team SD Worx,,

34 HENGEVELD DaniekGT Krush Tunap Pro Cycling,,

35- Hanson Loretta – Trek Segafredo,,

36 LUNDMARK ClaraGT Krush Tunap Pro Cycling

37 VAN DEN BROEK-BLAAK Chantal Team SD Worx,,

38 Klein Lisa Canyon // SRAM Racing,,

39 CECCHINI ElenaTeam SD Worx

40 KESSLER NinaTeam BikeExchange – Jayco,,

41 FOURNIER RoxaneTeam SD Worx00: 07

42 SPRATT AmandaTeam BikeExchange – Jayco,,

43 Barnes Alice Canyon // SRAM Racing,,

44 Smulders SilkeLiv Racing Xstra,,

45 GHEKIERE JustinePlantur-Pura,,

46 NOOIJEN LiekeParkhotel Valkenburg 00: 08

47 GEORGI PfeifferTeam DSM,,

48 SANGUINETI IlariaValcar – Travel & Service,,

49 ZANETTI LindaUAE Team ADQ00: 09

50 PIRRONE ElenaValcar – Travel & Service,,

51 Schoenberger Christina

52 DIJKSTRA AnnekeGT Krush Tunap Pro Cycling,,

53 WRIGHT SophieUAE Team ADQ,,

54 Team PATUELLI AlessiaUAE ADQ00: 10

55 BORGLI StineFDJ – SUEZ – Futuroscope,,,


57 DIDERIKSEN AmalieTrek – Segafredo,,

58 BAKS MarissaGT Krush Tunap Pro Cycling

59 CAMPBELL TenielTeam BikeExchange – Jayco,,

60 CIPRESSI CarlottaValcar – Travel & Service,,

61 SEITZ AlineRoland Cogeas Edelweiss Squad,,

62 SHOES Quinty Park Valkenburg,,

63 VAN NECK MelissaGT Krush Tunap Pro Cycling,,

64 LUTRO AmalieUno-X Pro Team Bikes,,

65 CARBONARI AnastasiaValcar – Travel & Service 00:11

66 Kant-Saint-Plantor-Bora 00:19

67 VAN DE VELDE JuliePlantur-Pura,,

68 ALLEN JessicaTeam BikeExchange – Jayco 00:25