Colorno beats starter Cos Torino by 8 goals – Coppa Italia – Rugpimet

At the HBS stadium, within the framework of the Festa del Sorriso, Rugby Colorno clearly outperforms freshman Cus Torino in postponing the first round of the Coppa Italia. There are 8 goals scored by the Casellato men who lined up in the ranks of the re-entrant Ole Fabiani6-month hiatus from the bibliographic process. Just Fabiani wets his first official match with a goal in the first half of the second half. Great goal Batista On a blocked ball, from the sheer force of the right prop, the champion of Italy Luca Francescoto. For Piedmont Lucas D’Angelo The only goal bears the signature of Luzi’s winger. Best Player in Match 2 Liana Biancorso Gianluca Bruglia, Council member Fier at the event Antonella Gallandri.

“We scored three goals in the first half but three more were disallowed for being resilient, which are the factors that allowed Torino to stay in the game. However, the substitutions in the second half made a difference in the long term because they increased our physical and technical intensity.”

“We have about twenty new players to go in, our league is not going to be easy as many teams have already started. We have good ingredients but a good end product takes time and knowing how to dose the ingredients the right way.”

Collornes coach comments on this, saying: “I and all the members of the staff will be satisfied with today’s performance only, the president is now in the next match with Mogliano.” Umberto Casellato.

Colorno, “HBS Rugby Stadium” – Sunday 18 September 2022 at 4.00 pm

Italian Cup first day

HBS Colorno – Torino Rugby F.C. 52-13 (21-10)

Signs: Point 16′ m. Leuppe tr. from thunder (7-0); 21′ cp. Reeves (7-3); 25′ m. Fabiani R. of thunder (14-3); 30′ m. Batista R. of thunder (21-3); 34′ m. Ter Luzi. Reeves (21-10) Street 45′ cp Reeves (21-13); 49′ m. Franceschetto tr. Ceballos (28-13); 57′ m. Ceballos R. Ceballos (35-13); 65′ m. Mattoli R. KOSI (42-13); 67′ m. KOSI (47-13); 73′ m. Bruglia (52-13)

HBS Colorno: Van Tonder (46′ Cozy); Batista. Bavies, Intel; Leaupepe, Ceballos (58′ De Santis), Del Prete (58′ Boscolo); Mbanda, Mordashi, Siutoli (50′ Popescu); Bruglia, Butorini (58′ Mattioli); Galliano (46 feet), Fabiani (Cap) (51 Ferrara), Lovotti (58 minutes).

everybody. Castleto

CUS Torino Rugby:Monferino. Sisi (Pilazzo 64), Modena (50 Roger), Groza; Luzi, Reeves (cap), Loro (60 civita); Drugs. Di Biagio, Piacenza (69 min. Riccardi); Lavorenti (41′ Spinelli), Andreica; Jeffrey (46′ Barbotie), Sangiorgi (50′ Baez), De Lys (46′ Falez)

everybody. D’Angelo

Arp. Geneci (Brescia)

AA1 Monarini (Parma), AA2 Baldaza (Forli)

Fourth official: Picchio (Modena)

Tags: in 2′ yellow to loro (CUS Turin Rugby); At 13′ yellow in Mbanda (HBS Colorno)

football players: Van Tonder (HBS Colorno) 3/3; Reeves (CUS Torino Rugby) 2/2; Ceballos (HBS Colorno) 2/2; Cozy (HBS Colorno) 1/3

NB: Sunny day 20 degrees. The field is in good condition. 700 spectators.

Points earned in ranking: HBS Colorno 5, CUS Torino Rugby 0

Match player: Gianluca Bruglia (HBS Colorno)

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