Commisso: “You talk a lot and do nothing, I spent $440 million. I don’t miss Torreira “

The beneficiary will be able to explain all the decisions made in the last months

Federico Targetti

After several months Rocco Komisso speaks againAnd this time without phone calls or belated questions and answers: From the press room at the Franchi Stadium Number one in Fiorentina reveals his reasons and answers the questions asked by journalists. Violanews.comAs usual, it presents you with the live transcript of the event.

“I want to start by thanking the fans who have been close to us at home and away. Our strength is the group. Health chapter: I don’t wish anyone could go through what I went through, but today I’m here and I have postponed my trip to America. I’m staying for another month.”

What Fiorentina represents today for Commisso – “387 million have been spent so far, including the last part of Viola Park. In recent months, the euro has gone down: I brought my money, dollars, from America, when the value was high. If I sell, they come in. 54 million less based on the crash That means I’ve brought over 440 million here. You are all soccer scientists and I don’t know anything, but tell me if anyone in Italy has invested a lot of money out of their pockets. I must be criticized. This is what you know in Florence: talk a lot and don’t You do something. It hurts the club. The team has to be helped, I didn’t like the criticism of Italiano.”

Kwame and Kasu Torreira – “I sent a message, Kuma didn’t have to leave. As for Amrabat who was saved. Not until a day after qualifying in Europe, I started messing with the prosecutor in Torreira. If the Uruguayan stays, this Amrabet probably won’t become a player. I trusted With Torreira’s lawyer, who praised love after love. Torreira went to Galatasaray for 5 million, and according to you I had to spend an additional 15 million commission for Torreira. I don’t miss him, I have a mandragora.”

Conference League – “I am very happy with the result, we will try to move forward and do better than last year.”

infrastructure – “The Viola Park project is not going as it should. I put in extra money and saved the architect’s project, then a flood happened and everything was submerged. The problem is they are not ready to give me the infrastructure as it was. Nothing will be finished before March. We will move all the teams towards May , at the end of the season. We had a meeting with the mayor: The tram will not be there for another two years, as they told me in May and June for parking.? In a week and a half I will see the Arup studio and we will understand more, especially about where we should play. Respect the times, and it should end by 2026. Let’s see if anything changes if they do not give me complete control of Fancy Mali.. I have nothing against the municipal implementation of the restoration of the Franks but I am not a politician.

Objectives – “I don’t know what will happen, but let’s see the stats: the women won first place, Primavera won three wins and one draw, the first team won twice, drew three and lost one: That’s a lot of points, a good average, but they can’t be combined. In the past three years. Primavera has won three Italian Cups and one Super Cup. The goal is always to do better, I can’t make promises about anything. We won’t fail.”

Choir and Spalletti Affair- “Regarding the Spalletti case, there were articles about articles, and anti-Semitic chants as well, but when they called me the mafia, no one opened their mouths. It hurts me and I will always remember it. If something can be done? He arrived and they gave me the sash that said Juve did not I like.Then there were different episodes that I always condemned, the racism but also the racism of Italians towards other Italians, like the south. What Spalletti did is unacceptable, I didn’t watch the fake slap and I didn’t like it. I have to pay 15 thousand euros for all this, for choirs, etc. Let’s be good, I’m always silent and during games I keep certain things inside me. Florence and the fans don’t deserve this.”

Ten proposals – “I know Infantino has good relations, but I cannot record all the evils of football. FIFA is working on this issue, and it is also a legal issue, every country has its own laws. Hopefully we can come up with a rule that is the same for everyone. Outside of Florence, Joe worked Baron is in La Liga and the relations are very good: there is no one in Italy who has done what Italian football has done in the past three years.”

The dream to be fulfilled and Vlahovic’s question – “Winning the championship every year! But here we cannot talk about dreams, there is reality and there are returns that do not rise. I want to talk about Vlahovic, there are those who said that it was a masterpiece: it is an exceptional process. I have seen many players who have moved on a free transfer, but I sold 75 million euros. The truth is, had we not sold it, we would have been devastated. Today we are in Europe and we have no financial problems, “We are fine for two years. FFP is changing, sooner or later it will reach a point where it will not be possible to exceed 70% of the team’s revenue between player costs and depreciation. Now we have settled the accounts, while Milan has been penalized And Juventus, Inter and Roma. Players are bought and then sold, that’s football, that’s the system. And you can’t put private money in the transfer market, even if you want to.”

Contrition – “Calcio and Finanza wrote that all teams reduced their salaries; few of them, including Fiorentina, were able to increase theirs. Our salaries went from 62 to 64%, and this is even after the permanent disposal of Nastasic and Kokorin. They borrowed.”

criticism – “When they are right, I accept them: with Udinese it was an unfortunate match, the boys were tired, they are all regressing. It was not Italian football, even if it was strong and we saw it with Roma. But when you exaggerate you exaggerate, the players are angry with you and they play for Their pride and not for what you write. How bad has poor Biraghi been harassed in recent years? I spoke to him and he told me he doesn’t care. He is the record holder for key passes in Europe. Then Finoti, Amrabet…”

VN – Platek, head of Spezia, says investing in Italian football is not for profit – “I never retrace my steps. The money has been spent, and I’m not happy with the criticism. The money laid here is all my money. Spezia didn’t cost like Fiorentina, Platek’s opinions must be weighed. For me reselling Fiorentina for 400 million is going to be very difficult at the moment.I have heard PIF, PIF and PIF, but Rocco will never be conditioned on how and when this will happen to Milano, bought for 1.2 billion, I have dealt with Cardinale, and I I know him, but 600 million comes from the same Elliott fund: seller debt, we call it in America. The money here is all mine. Suning in Inter has 900 million, Juventus after Ronaldo put 700 million worth 850. Roma have debts, the only ones who do not have are those who bought for zero, such as Pletek, Lotito and Della Valle before me. “

against Juventus – “We lost two points, that’s right, but if you leave the Italian job you will see that we will do well. I will always defend the Italian, we each have our own responsibility, I expect better results because we pay 3% more players Sutil, did you see what a nice move he made ?”.

the team – “Yes, I like it. We played our two best games against Napoli and Juventus, and we could have won both of them. I am very confident, I could be wrong, but I think things will improve a lot in the coming months. Last year we scored 15 points out of 10 matches. We have to get three wins in the next five. I say we can do it.”