Confused: “Juventus is missing only one thing to be competitive: Dybala. By what criteria was he sent off? | Front page

Confusion, net canceled goal and lost victory – then we’ll talk about it – where is Juventus?
“Juventus is still bad. There is a question that cannot be answered.”

“But by what criteria did they let Dybala go?”

Effective way.
“Dybala is exactly what Juventus miss today to be competitive.”

In the meantime, the suspicion arose that perhaps it would be better if Milik and Vlahovic played together.
“With Milik next to Vlahovic, Juventus are definitely playing better. But if you keep Milek, Velhović and Kosti, it becomes a problem, because the only person who keeps up with the cabin from a tactical point of view is Cuadrado. It is always the decisive action. The two strikers, as well as Cuadrado on the right and Kocic on the left, are good. You need a balance in the middle.”

It seems to me that the most disappointing team – according to expectations – is Fiorentina so far.
“The team is good, they can get between sixth and ninth places. The Italian is fine but only has a footballing vision, whether he plays with Monza or with Juventus. Always 70% of possession of the ball but twice in the goal. He plays like Barcelona under Guardiola, but without Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and so on.”

The surprise, instead, is Udinese.
“The fitness and ability to score a goal for Udinese midfielders, from Lovrec to Samardzic, has amazed me. Having midfielders who score is an added value.”

I notice widespread tension between the coaches. Sarri shows the middle finger, Giampaolo gives the referee ***, Spalletti is controversial even if he wins.
“There were a lot of referees’ mistakes over the weekend and it also depends a little bit on that. And from being a tournament without evidence. It raises the bar for the coaches, they know that no one will forgive them.”

Is the leading team – this tournament – destined to find it sooner or later?
“Honestly I don’t know. At the moment, it seems to me that they are all imperfect teams, including Milan. One thing is Pobega and one thing is Bennacer. Milan should always rely on Liao’s excellence. There are many changes in continuity, but This is normal. After the Champions League you have the right not to play well. However, the fans also compete in the measure’s victories.”

Fans argue by nature.
“Look, the Scudetto is a hundred years old and more, we practically haven’t watched football for eighty years, because you used to see your team only once a week and only if you went to the stadium, and we invented the sports bar, discuss it. We did not see. Now you see everything, but Everyone does not match your opinion. In fact we are all prejudiced, we should accept this, but it is very tiring.”

It’s time to talk about var.
“If you ask me if that is Juve’s goal, I answer yes of course. But the real moral of yesterday is that Var makes us understand that referees are forced to take on a responsibility they didn’t have before. Do you remember the canceled winning goal in the recovery over Juventus against a small goal like Salernitana? Not me.”