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From Marco Bonnerego

At the invitation of President Kony to explain the facts, the Italian Cycling Federation in a press release presented its version of the facts

President Kony warmly called to explain the facts (“I read unpleasant things in the media – said Giovanni Malago on Wednesday – and suggested to President danione to clarify the points that had arisen”), the union wisely waived the press conference scheduled for Thursday and tried to explain the “commission issue” that rocks the world of two wheels. press release. Let’s see the contents.

Tarot report? An official’s fault

I Vice President Norma Gimondi has resigned from the Cycling Federation (Also after “violent verbal assault>” after denouncing that a point of detail was included in the written minutes of the Board of Directors of June 18 (sent to Directors two days before the August 6 meeting) and was never discussed, not even succinctly: permission to President Dagnoni to pay €106 thousand in commissions for Reiwa ltd (an anonymous Irish company) to buy five new sponsors: Enervit, Acqua Dolomia, Mp Filtri, Buzzati Trasporti and Tci Telecomunicazioni How could such an important and stressful ruling that no one discussed appeared out of nowhere? For this assignment, I mistakenly inserted Reiwa’s name as the subject for whom the care committees should be disbursed a sermon.” In short, a clerical error by an anonymous official introduced a kind of “payment order” that no one was aware of.

Who is the “Irish Broker” Rewa and why does he charge 106,000 euros?

According to Federciclismo, Reiwa Ldt is a topic on which the Secretariat “initiated and conducted various talks, with the exchange of draft contracts related to which negotiations were not pursued at the end of it”. Reiwa, when the scandal broke out, explained that “there is no contract between our company and the Italian Cycling Federation (FCI), it has been determined that all this is not entirely true and that if anything, in the past months, only negotiations between the two parties to conclude an agreement aimed at finding new sponsors and that this contract was never finalized.” Rewa talks about the past months and certainly not about August, when her name was entered into the registry. Administrator’s fault is acquiring increasingly heavy connotations.

Unrelated to her: Who mediated the bail contracts?

Corriere della Sera asked all five sponsors mentioned in the report

They announced through their managers that they dealt directly with the FCI, without intermediaries. So there will be no payments due. Federciclismo with its press release excludes two surprises from the initial list (sponsors Buzzati and Enervit, whom General Manager Roberto Amadeo had contacted, was put under contract in 2021 by Dagnoni, with a salary of about 120 thousand euros per year) and states that 106 thousand euros It was actually a commission for the involvement of three other new sponsors, appointed by three different mediators completely unknown to the board: Dr. Gianni Monti for the TCI contract, Futura Eventi srl for Dolomia Water, and Maurizio Verri for MP Filtri. In practice, the FCI denies its own sponsors: they claim to have dealt with it directly, President Dagnoni explains that instead there are three paying brokers, who offer 106 thousand euros.

Who is right? What does “Rahifa” have to do with this story?

The involvement of “snack foods” stems from a ruling issued by President Danyoni Al Corriere della SeraWhen asked how the sponsors were contacted and how they would be paid: «For example, the sponsor TCI – explained Dagnoni – was introduced by a friend. Instead of giving him the commission directly, I asked Reiwa to submit one invoice to us and distribute the money to the reviewers. Maybe they are butchers by trade, not middlemen, and they can’t do the bill.” About who pays taxes and VAT, there are no details. But has the money been paid? On this point, the FCI is very clear: “So far no commission has been paid for the sponsorship.” In the same memo, however, the federation specifies that “during 2022, the level of sponsorship received by the FCI increased by approximately 1.1 million in cash and the primary sponsor space in the Blue Jersey was freed up.” But since the commission is paid “only after the actual relevant supplies or collections have been carried out and in proportion to the sponsors’ contribution,” sponsors’ money must be assumed only as a projected budget.

The other version

On the same topic, Al Corriere della Sera

President Dagnoni gave a slightly different version
He explained that «we will collect 4.5 million, of which 1.3 are in cash, and we will pay a commission of only 106 thousand euros. Rewa, who has applied on its own, will take care of paying any VAT and settling the outstanding payments with the intermediaries. The FCI specifies that it “did not give an immediate response to issues raised by the media because the President and the Secretary-General deemed it necessary to reconstruct the exact sequence of events and first inform the Federal Council and Regional Chiefs, scheduling meetings for August 26 and 27” and believed that no wrongdoing had been committed. .

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