Cycling World Championship 2022: dates, programme, track, times

Once the beautiful Vuelta is served, now is the time to dive in Cycling World Championships Wollongong 2022. The 101st World Championships, scheduled for September 18-25, is set to take over the Belgian edition last year, bringing impressive cycling to the Northern Hemisphere twelve years after the 2010 edition of Geelong, which crowned Norwegian champion Thor Haushofd. The Australians dream of winning a rainbow jersey in front of the home crowd, putting an end to the fast that has continued since Switzerland’s Cadel Evans victory in 2009. The heart of all the testing will be the city circuit, with a few small differences between the internet and the stopwatch.

The two Elite Singles Time Experiences, first for women and then men, will open this year’s event on Sunday the 18th. The following days will be dedicated to Time trial for men under 23 years old (19) and in Trial time young women and men (20). On September 21 there will be Kronostavita mista Which will be followed by a rest day in view of the online exams, which will start at two o’clock Young men and under 23 years old On Friday 23 September. Saturday 24 it will be a turn after that Online trials, junior and elite Finally on Sunday the 25th, the long-awaited test Elite men.

Wollongong Road 2022 World Cup

Not much difficulty is expected to rise during the elite men’s road race, which will start from Helensburg to reach it Wollongong, in New South Wales, 266.9 km away. The first straight segment without difficulty is 28 kilometers, and it will be followed by the first circle around Mount Kera, 8.7 km climb with an average of 5% (with 15% peaks), followed by a fairly technical descent. Returning to sea level, you will enter the 17.1-kilometer city circuit, which puts on the board the difficulty of short stretches of Mount Usley Born in enjoyable mountain (1.1 km at 7.7%, max. 14%). The difference in height for the first round is about 600 metres, while the final circuit offers a total of 220 meters to be hit in 12 laps, thus making up 3,945 meters of the total height difference.

Even elite women will encounter an online extension of Helensburg, which will be followed by six circuit laps for a total distance of 164.3 kilometres, while all other tests will take place exclusively at the final circuit. Ten laps for the U23 men (169.8 km), eight laps for the men (135.6 km) and four for the juniors (67.2 km). The men’s and women’s time trials will be the same length, 34.2 kilometres, which is the equivalent of two laps on the circuit. 28.8 kilometers instead for the men’s under-23 and juniors, while the juniors will face only 14.1 kilometers obtained from some small changes at the elite circuit. 28.2 kilometers (2 laps) finally for the CronoStaffettaMista.

World Cup Wollongong 2022 (Italian time)

Sunday 18 September 2022
Elite Women’s Time Trial – 1:35-4:30
Elite Men Time Trial – 5:40-9:00

Monday 19 September 2022
Trial time men under 23 – 5:20-9:00

Tuesday 20 September 2022
Jrs Women’s Trial Time – 1:30-3:05
Chrono Men Jrs – 5:20-9:00

Wednesday, September 21, 2022
Kronostavita Mista – 6:20-9:05

Friday 23 September 2022
Men’s Demo Line – 0:15-3:35
Men’s U-23 Road Race – 5:00-9:10

Saturday 24 September 2022
Jrs Ladies Online Experience – 0:00-1:50
Elite Women Online Trial – 4: 25-9: 00

Sunday 25 September 2022
Elite Men’s Online Experience – 2:15 – 8:50

Wollongong 2022 World Altimetry and Floor Plans



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