“Defeat that makes you think. Changes? They were warned”

The Nerazzurri coach accused: “I am the first to take responsibility and I must do better”

A final leap in quality was expected to confirm continued growth after two consecutive wins with Turin and PlzenOn the other hand, the worst defeats have arrived, namely Third out of seven league matches and the the fourth in Total 9 matches If we take into account the obligations in Champions. Simon Inzaghi He’s not looking for excuses, because he never ends up this time in the dock either. From half-hour changes to the most incomprehensible results: “I have changed Bastoni and Mkhitaryan Why were they warned and why Udinese Win all duels. Shake to change things. Udinese did better despite our opening goal. We have to reflect on this bad defeat that Udinese deserved.”

Then Inzaghi tries to analyze the team’s moment: “How do these shortcomings come back? We are unable to continue. It’s three consecutive away games in which we advance and lose 3-1. It’s not good. .Definitely we had to do more and better.”

To stand out in a certain way I Defense problems…
“Nine goals in three away games… Last year we scored in a full set. Group and individual errors, we have to pay more attention. We also had good luck going forward and you can’t do that at the start of the second half. The second half, but If you give up all these angles, it may happen that you concede. Defeating this is painful, we have to meditate a lot.”

Needless to say too My mood might not be that firm. So it makes sense to ask him if he still feels Confidence in the dressing room: Are there any fallout from last season?
“After that, no, the season has been very positive. If after that you lose three matches out of seven, there are questions to ask, we will continue to work with the staff and everyone. I am the one in charge and I have to do better. We had to win duels and be more determined. “.

It is clear that mistakes are not limited to defense. A slightly negative midfield, especially in the coverage phase?
“There is a struggle for blame, I don’t stop and look at only one division. There are individual and group faults, combined, that make you lose three. We are Inter and we cannot afford that.”

All that remains is to look forward and the challenges after the break against Roma and Barcelona…
“Let’s hope there are no problems with the national teams first. We will work with four attacking players, two goalkeepers and then several Primavera players. We have to analyze what we did today.”

Handanovic: “Lost mixing, it’s not a problem”
After cheating with Udinese, Captain Handanovic also put his face at the end of the match. “First of all, we congratulate Udinese, they deserved to win it and they won everything they could have won, starting with duels – he told Sky Sports -. They were more intense than us, then there was something to say until 1-1 was in Libra. Usually those who want it more deserve it more. Let’s say they did a lot more than us, they deserved to win it.” The team takes many goals: “When the team defends that in ten goals plus the goalkeeper. We lose the consistency they had before, it depends on many things: if you are technically wrong and you lose the ball, you are open, you take a risk. Today we conceded two goals. On an inactive ball: this means that there is little interest. And then we knew: things are studied. When things happen it is easy to analyze, but everything is clear. ” About his role: “I know my job: we players have to train and prepare well, then the coach chooses. I’m not a problem with Inter, I can be a solution: when others play, I’m not here to play. But I cheer for whoever plays.”