Direct readers – Klopp: “Spalletti top, many changes but there Zelensky! About Thiago and Arthur …”, Alison: “Strong Napoli, a tough group. In Kavara …”

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp will speak at a press conference from Diego Armando Maradona’s press room to present the challenge to the Azzurri.

On the eve of the match against Napoli scheduled for tomorrow evening, Maradona, coach of Liverpool Jürgen Klopp Diego Armando Maradona will speak at the press conference from the press room to present the challenge to the Azzurri who open the Champions League group. He will be joined by the goalkeeper Alisonformer player among others Luciano Spalletti.

20.10 – If you share Alison

Have you spoken to Arthur? How is the entry process going?
“It all happened quickly, I spoke to him when he arrived, he is a great guy, then you will see him on the field, he is a great player and soon he will be in 100% condition. We know that it is not easy to change the country, I know from experience, that there are differences between Italy and England but this is the match, but he will be able to overcome the difficulties.”

Two wins from 6 matches, what are the reasons and difficulties?
“We know we are not happy and we know we have to manage the moment. Even by winning all the matches we would not have come here with excessive enthusiasm, the season has just started and we will have to improve, with work we will be back to winning and not conceding goals.”

It’s a first in the Champions League, how long did it take to absorb the knockout in the final? How much do you want to get it back?
“The next day was tough, there was frustration. But we are professionals and we have to know how to manage and accept the dynamics and I’ve been doing that since I was a boy, it’s part of the game to win or lose, you always have to know how to respond to difficulties. I don’t think about that anymore. “.

Will you use your disappointment with Real Madrid to get extra incentive to win?
“Yes, we will try to take advantage of this dynamic for more motivation, but now we are thinking of facing a great team like Napoli, in a difficult group, this is enough as a motivator and we must fight first to pass this difficult group and then we will step up.”

Are Napoli and Liverpool are the candidates?
“Everyone has a chance to pass, you have to play on the field, we will fight and we will do our best to start first.”

Spalletti said he had important words for you, you are the heart of the goalkeeper’s attacker.
“I thank him, it was a pleasure working with him in Rome, I grew a lot that year, although I wanted to play more and he knows it, but I learned a lot from him.”

The Georgian journalist asks about “the new star Kvaratskhelia, he is a big fan of you and wants to distinguish you. Did you study it?”.
“We are ready for every situation, we study many things, I worked with Spalletti and that does not mean it is an advantage for me, I am ready for everything and I know the value of young players in Napoli, it will be. A great match and we will try to win even if it is a difficult field.”

20.25 – Now it’s up to Klopp.

Thiago Alcantara is back in training, will he be managed or can he go down from the start? Henderson?
“Thiago did the second day of training, he’s ready, but I don’t know at what minute. We are waiting for Jordan for the ultrasound but he should be back after the break.”

Is Arthur an option for tomorrow or does he still have to settle?
“He needs to play football, whether it’s in a match or training, we integrated him into a group, he did not train with Juventus collectively. He has the ability to play for a certain period of time, but not for the whole match. . He has to get used to certain levels, The Champions League is no less intense than the Premier League, especially here and we have to be careful…”

In the previous three challenges things didn’t go well, so what should he do differently?
“We lost with Dortmund and Liverpool, but in the same group and then we went twice to the Champions League final (laughs, editor). I tend to thrive a little later, maybe it takes 2-3-4 times for me to be successful, but we have to play well compared to With other challenges. We didn’t play well either thanks to a very strong Napoli.”

Spalletti said he wore a Klopp hat to get closer to his legend.
“I met him at Zenit’s time, if his body was his age, I wouldn’t feel the need to wear a hat (laughs, editor). He’s worked all over the world, you can see right away from his identity he gives to his teams, and I don’t look forward to meeting him on the pitch” .

How are Jones and Carvalho?
“Jones is not as serious as he feared, Carvalho has started walking again but is unable to train, hopefully he will be back for the weekend”

Have you seen Napoli with Lazio, what is your idea of ​​this renewed team and with so many youngsters?
“They are all very young but very strong and competitive, I’m not sure, but I think for some time there was a little tension about some players leaving, but now if I understand correctly things have calmed down and I’m happy with that. Zelensky remains the same, you can build The team is around him. They have intensity, they have different styles of the game. Spalletti has always been very calm in this nervous situation, he is perfect for Napoli.”

Do you find Naples dangerous? Your club on social media warned fans of the dangers of the city, what’s your idea?
“I think you’re looking for nicknames, are you from Naples? Do you think it’s dangerous? I don’t know, I don’t live there, I’m protected by escorts, I have a feeling you don’t know what to ask me. You know what she was referring to.? There is danger.” Fan clashes happen, but I don’t know the city, I don’t live there, I’m not here to give you nicknames, I just want to go to the hotel and focus on the match. You don’t know what to ask me.”

20.40 – The end of the press conference