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Soon it became the new route via Lancia and via Braccini. And while the controversies rage, the superbikes arrive. Goal: Double bike trips (now at 7%)

FifthDull hernias, “soup” courses, limping between outdoor areas and cars. But also protected walkways, sophisticated homes and smart crossings. Among the lights and shadows, Turin’s bike paths keep increasing and have long crossed the 200km finish line, even if the Valentino and Bellerina routes are also counted.

However, the map of itineraries is destined to go on since works were completed on Via Lanzo, the two-wheeled road to Venaria, and the next milestone is represented by the new cycle route through Lancia and via Braccini.

When it comes to bike paths, controversy is inevitable. Traders in Via Lanzo collected signatures, while on Via Braccini, residents revolted over the loss of more than 100 parking spaces: “It is time to put an end to the conflict between cyclists and motorists, it makes no sense – comments Diego Visa, President of the Council for Bicycle Command and Traffic Control – If we want a safer, livable city we need to change perspective. Currently in Turin, about 7% of trips are done by bike and the goal is to get to 15%. Doubling the number of people using two wheels not just on a Sunday walk would be a huge success for everyone. May This means less traffic, less pollution and the ability to easily move around the city. Even for those who use other means. An undeniable advantage that goes against the mindset of those who think that having free parking under the house is a birthright. It is not.”

Perhaps because of this constant variability, the increase in bike paths is not going at the same speed: “In fact, the percentage increase, from 2013 (the year of the pickplan) to today, is not high, but now the number of kilometers of paths created is “real”. Not in parks, but within city streets – points out Visa – and then there are the lighting interventions, those in the paint.Common lanes, 20 (or 30, depending on the council) and forward houses at intersections, all interventions to promote “active” mobility, which is a better term Use it instead of “sweet” ».

And in fact, for those who ride in the middle of traffic in Turin, there is very little sweets. Although there are exceptions. The most important observation, according to experts, are the crossings and intersections. Cyclists consider Rondò della Forca, piazza Carducci and piazza Massaua “high-risk intersections”. Dangerous situations, due to double row cars and traffic, are also recorded in Via Vanchiglia, Via Madama Cristina, Via Duchessa Jolanda, Via Cibraio and corso Giulio Cesare. Even on Niza Street, where the new cycle path is appreciated and attracts more and more visitors, there is no shortage of problems: “The path is good and the numbers say so – continues the Consulta chief -. Criticism of those who occupy it. Then we have to think about the poor visibility due to the nearby stalls. of the intersection and that you have to go back.” Maintenance also raises some criticism, especially in cases of shared lanes.

In Corso Regina Margherita, where the bike path stops abruptly near Porta Palazzo, the dotted line is invisible in places and the asphalt of the alley is riddled with holes. The slippery road surface of Corso Francia, with its two-wheeled lane ending at Corso Bernini, has drawn many criticisms, as well as the Corso Rei Umberto track which, at every intersection, would force those traveling along it, in theory, to wait for three traffic lights to resume The march. In fact, cyclists prefer to walk in a straight line, waste less time and stay on the track. On Corso Lecce, the new course route has been promoted after the initial confusion, but the increase in wrinkles and the presence of condominium box storage areas force cyclists to make constant turns.

Not to mention some great courses that still don’t have a bike track or the all-new Largo Grosseto, where the track wasn’t even designed, only to run for cover with a “broken loop” at several points. Finally, the Corso Orbassano pedestrian path on the sidewalk and with signs difficult to interpret, was rejected without appeal. The trails with the highest approval ratings from two-wheelers are the Corso Mediterraneo, via Niza Corso Matteotti and via Pertola, which are among the ways you can pedal more quietly.

In fact, safety is the most important requirement, considering that in the period from January to early July, according to local police statistics, cyclist accidents were 172 injured, 156 injured and 2 killed. Among them is also the artist Francesco Convertini, who was hit by a police car during Traveling in a bike/pedestrian crossing at Rondo Rivella on the evening of June 23. The numbers are still worrying, but they are slightly lower compared to 2021: “Safety is key, not only for cyclists – concludes Visa -. We are asking for a “30 city”, with the speed limit reduced to 30 kilometers per hour on all roads except the main courses. Not to limit the freedom of motorists, but to improve living. The situation in Turin, which was considered the starting point twenty years ago (the black jersey for pollution and unbridled use of the car), has certainly improved, but there is still a lot to do to settle on European standards. And not only for bike paths, but for transportation in general by interfering with public transportation and interconnection.”

In this sense, goals have already been set in the next five years: 4 “ultra-cyclic” to reach first belt municipalities. In addition to the Lanzo-Venaria route, there is also one way from Piazza Bengasi-Moncalieri, a connection to Nichelino via Artom and another one at the corso Vercelli to reach Settimo and Mappano. There will be a lot of pedaling.

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