Don’t make fun of Mou in the final

The Giallorossi do not shine and lose in the malicious field of the Bulgarians: Shumorodov’s equal momentary goal is pointless

The Rome It starts with a defeat in the European League. In the first round of Group C team Mourinho loses 2-1 with Ludogorets And collects another knockout after defeating Udine in the league. The Giallorossi cooperates with the stadium in poor condition, struggles to assure the highest technical average and the first half ends without goals and with honors. Mancini column head. In the second half, then the goals that mark the match. Cauly (72′) unlocks everything by taking advantage of sleep at Smalling & Co. , So Shumorodov (86′) just score, but right after nonatum (88 minutes) Doubles down and insults the Giallorossi.

the match
After the victory in the conference last season, Roma present themselves in the European League with a defeat. A bitter defeat, achieved at the end of a game played very slowly and with a bit of malice and conviction. Of course, the stadium in Razgrad did not help the Giallorossi, but in the confrontation over the score, the submissive position of Mo’s men and inaccuracy in some episodes weighed more than the conditions of the stadium. Knockdown is avoidable and more difficult to digest after the fool in the final round of the tournament.

Without Abraham and Karsdorp, in Bulgaria, Mo appeared with Svilar in goal, Celik and Zalewski outside and Dybala and Pellegrini in support of Belotti. Choices that confirm Special One’s intent not to underestimate the opponent and the desire to play the match. But thanks to poor conditions on the field, the Giallorossi struggle a bit to take action at Ludogorets and at first they are also taking big risks. Served in the area by Despodov, Techpety arrived late and failed to support the net, then the Ghanaian had the right opportunity to shoot towards the door starting from the right but Zalewski got him back. Unsuccessful attempts immediately force Rome to change its record and seize it to avoid surprises. At a slow pace and with the match heavily affected by erratic dribbling, the Giallorossi tries to set up the match by increasing pressure in the middle, but struggles to maneuver precisely from behind and the Bulgarian back-keeper takes the impact. On the other hand, Pawson allows Pellegrini Verdon to run on a contact in the area and blocks Padt’s weak right from Pellegrini. On the other hand, Smalling reveals a complicated situation after a good combination on the right Techpety-Colli and Svilar must intervene with their fists on a cross from Cicinho. Up to half an hour Roma goes on a trot, then speeds up trying to exploit inactive balls above all else. Pellegrini kicked the opponent’s goal three times in the space of a few minutes, but the goal was not perfect and Badt was saved. Then when developing the corner, a header is printed by Mancini on the shaft and the first half ends on a Dybala fireball rejected by Nedyalkov.

The second half begins with a superb pass from Dybala to Pellegrini, but the Giallorossi captain makes a mistake and sends the ball high in front of Badt. Looking for the goal, Roma is trying to lift the center of gravity and play wide. But the Giallorossi’s maneuvering is very slow and the Bulgarians are fending for themselves with the system. With the spaces closed, Dybala tried several times from the left edge, but Joya couldn’t find the door and the race was still locked in the middle. Less accurate than usual, Mou’s team catches the ball, but does not penetrate it vertically. On the other hand, Ludogorets bet everything in the throwing game. Svilar repels an attempt by Piotrowski, then Celik Despodov heads up and fires Cauly from a good position. To shuffle the cards a bit and give more thrust, Mou Celik and Belotti take and bring Spinazzola and Shomurodov. Instead, Symondza replaced Despodov with Rick and Ludogorets taking the lead. To break the deadlock, Cauly thinks about it, good at exploiting Thiago’s Depth and Half-Sleep movement by Smalling & Co. A shot that breaks the mold and lights up the final. Under pressure, after the goal the hosts pushed and touched the double again with Cooley. An opportunity that provokes the angry reaction of the Gelorossi. After a few good chances missed, Pellegrini sent Chumorodov a assist that the Uzbek sent behind Badt. But the Giallorossi draw lasted only two minutes. In the next action, Nonato doubles the score at the end of a good move to the right and brings the Bulgarians back to the front. Flash identifies the race and turns the recovery into an attack for the Gelurus. Desperate and useless assault. Dybala & Co’s attempts in the final didn’t hit the net and Ludogorets hit the big ball.

report cards
Despodov 6.5:
It’s the team and man reference of quality. When the ball passes by it, Ludogorets plays with greater quality
Techpety 6: He puts himself on the right and tries to provide support in both phases. The leg is there, the quality in the last match is lower
7 Collie: Annoyed between the lines and always ready to take advantage of the balls stolen from the Giallorossi to restart. Open the race with a move from Thiago and a half-asleep from Smalling
Newborn 7: He enters and places the shot that determines the match after Shumorodov’s tie. cool and delicate
Dybala 6.5: Despite the conditions of the stadium, he managed to confirm the quality of his plays in the strait. The best things about Rome pass by his feet. Excellent help for Pellegrini, but the captain wastes everything
Belotti 5: He works at the center of the Giallorossi attack, but never gets to the heart of the game. Physically not at the top and shows
Pellegrini 5.5: He seeks dialogue with Dybala, but is not accurate in his conclusions. The mistake at the beginning of the second half in front of Padt weighed heavily on the result. As well as a header in the final from a corner kick. He was partially forgiven with the help of Shumorodov
Shumorodov 6.5: He enters Belotti’s place and gives more physique and presence to the Giallorossi’s attack. He draws his head, but his aim is not necessary to return at least one point

Ludogorets (4-3-3):
fall 6; Sicinio 6.5, Verdon 6, Witry 6, (42′ St. Terzieffe sv), Nedyalkov 5.5; Cauly 7 (42′ st Dimitrov sv.), Piotrowski 6, Cafumana 5.5 (32′ Nonato 7); Techpety 6, Thiago 6, Despodov 6.5 (25 Rick Street 6).
dis: Sluga, Hristov, Taysira, Gruber, Plaston, Georgiev, Yordanov, Delev. everybody.: Simmondza 6,5
Rome (3-4-2-1): Svilar 5.5; Mancini 6 (30′ st Volpato 5.5), Smalling 5, Ibanez 5; Celik 5 (22′ st Spinazzola 5.5), Cristante 5.5 (30′ st Bove 5.5), Matic 5 (30′ st Camara 6), Zalewski 5; Dybala 6.5, Pellegrini 5.5; Belotti 5 (22 Shumorodov St. 6.5).
dis: Roy Patricio, Boyer, Vienna, Trippi. everybody.: Mourinho 5
Rule: Pawson
Signs: 27′ st Cauly (L), 41′ st Shomurodov (R), 43′ st Nonato (L)
ammonites: View, Nedyalkov, Piotrovsky (left)