Dynamo – Chelsea 1-0, cards report: Duo Fofana – Koulibaly is bad. Havertz and Zech are annoying

Final result: Dinamo Zagreb – Chelsea 1-0

Dinamo Zagreb

Levakovic 6.5 – He just has to get his gloves dirty in the final, before being saved by James but his save for Pulisic is crucial. There’s also his signature in tonight’s win.

Muharram 6,5 – Lots of character, even if a little harsh when needed. He faces a formidable opponent like Sterling, but he immediately manages to stop the unpredictability of the former City.

Sotalo 6.5 – Before Aubameyang, not afraid. He is always attentive, communicates well with the rest of the department and gets up very well every time Chelsea tries the Jeep. Excellent performance.

Berry 6.5 – The same goes for his teammates, for his part he also has a valuable contribution from Ljubicic who did not leave him alone in the defensive phase. Well in pointing at Havertz.

Ristovsky 7 – The former Parma is one of the greatest challenge champions. First he practically made a save on the goal line avoiding an edge after a few minutes of racing on Sterling, then in the second half he pushes and hits the crossbar as well. Great guide to him.

Adam 6.5 – The role of the midfielder is very important for Kasic’s team, in the defensive phase he does not miss his contribution and in the first half he even touches the doubling goal with a beautiful right. From 77′ Baturina sv.

Music 7 – The image of sacrifice, stamps Chelsea’s attacking midfielders and doesn’t allow them spaces to hurt Dynamo. The close duel against Kai Havertz wins.

Ivanosic 6 – Normal, he runs a lot in the middle of the field to face the Chelsea ball carriers. In the final match, he also takes some important free kicks.

Ljubicic 7.5 – Precise, accurate and non-distracting: the perfect match picture. In front of James and Havertz, he showed a superior performance, you find him pushing forward and after one minute he became the protagonist of a perfect defensive diagonal. Extra dynamo man.

Orsec 7 – Former Spezia is today’s great protagonist, he has only one ball that can be played in the opponent’s penalty area and turns it into gold. He escapes from Fofana and gives Dynamo three points. From 77′ Spikic sv.

Petkovic 6.5 – We needed a game of sacrifice, one of those games with a few playable balls but to be turned into gold. The former Trapani is decisive, he won an air duel with Koulibaly and provided the assist for Orcic’s goal. From 90′ Drmic sv.

Before CASIC 7 – He couldn’t have expected a better debut in the Champions League, Dynamo is a real team and they proved that tonight. Good dribbling, excellent defensive grip and full attack. Milan has been warned.


Kiba 6.5 – Chelsea risk drowning in Zagreb, if defeat is just a measure, it is up to the Spaniard above all. Two crucial saves, in the first half against Ademi and in the second against Ristovski.

Azpilicueta 6 – He tried to keep a rear foot for the Blues in the first half as Dinamo Zagreb fell without too many problems, and sacrificed him in the first half in order to change form. Dal 46′ Ziyech 4,5 – Change is lost. He enters with the wrong attitude, seems listless and doesn’t guess a play. In the final match, he tried twice in the penalty by smashing the barrier.

Coulibaly 5 – It’s not a happy era for the former Napoli, it’s all too easy to predict by Petkovic in the action that led to Orcic’s goal. I’m still struggling in this new English experience.

self 5 – The new duo in the Chelsea summer transfer market does not make Tuchel happy, if Koulibaly first misses Petkovic, there is also a bad situation for the former Leicester player that paves the way for Orcic.

James 6- He never misses a run down the right lane, whether he’s taller or linebacker, it doesn’t change a thing. Ljubicic suffers from aggravated labeling, and is one of the last to succumb. He also hits a post in the final.

mount 5,5 – Especially in the first half, he was posted in a position very unfavorable to his qualities, he is not Jorginho and he suffers in the middle of the field. A little better in the second half but it doesn’t shine.

Kovacic 6.5 – Undoubtedly the best in Chelsea’s field, he is trying to stand out against his past. He suggests passing his comrades, and tries to motivate the blues maneuver even if only a little with the rest of the comrades. From 60′ Jorginho 6 – Try to learn the blues, some good signals for your teammates.

Chilwell 6 – Try to press firmly along the left track, so that when it is lowered, there is no shortage of its input. Adequate performance, and it also provides assistance to Aubameyang, but is frustrated by the line assistant’s cues. D. 71′ Cocorella 6 – Some interesting proportions.

Havertz 4,5 – indispensable. A test to forget for the German, he does not understand it correctly. In the second half, Chelsea tries to lean on him but ends up losing any ball.

sterling 5 – Having experienced a great opportunity to make his mark, Ristovsky deprives him of the joy of goal. His game ends there between a misguided dribble and an understanding that remains to be refined with Aubameyang. From 76′ Pulisic sv.

Aubameyang 5.5 – Bad debut. He tries to stand out but in the first few minutes lacks altruism, never kicking twice from a stellar position, preferring to serve Sterling. As the minutes go by, he has fewer playable balls. D. 60′ No. 6 – Try to do more than replace his teammate, he moves a lot on the entire offensive front.

Thomas Tuchel 4.5 – It doesn’t work that way. Chelsea’s bad moment continued, even in the Champions League, a worse debut could not have been expected. A team without ideas, sometimes lukewarm. Initial dodge, never play to split the game. Dinamo Zagreb has to limit itself to contain and restart, we need to deviate from the blues.