Empoli – Roma 1-2: goals by Dybala, Bandinelli and Abraham

It ended with a score of 2-1 for the Giallorossi who missed a penalty with Pellegrini: in the first half, the Argentine’s initial goal was followed by Bandinelli’s equaliser. In the second half, the Englishman’s winning goal. The Tuscans finished in 10 to expel Akpa Akbaru

From our correspondent Andrea Polisi

With a little effort and suffering, but in the end, Roma managed to get past the black week born in Udine and aggravated in Razgrad, returning from Empoli with three very heavy points (2-1), allowing them to return to only the length from the top. To put his stamp on Giallorossi’s victory is a stunning Dybala (Goals and assists for Ibrahim), increasingly the home jewel. Try Empoli, they played a good, exciting and lively match. But Rome’s higher quality in the long run made the difference.

Question and Answer

Zanetti leaves Bagrami on the bench and counts up front on Pjaca behind Lammers and Satriano, while Mourinho in the middle of the field surprisingly confirms the duo Kristante Matic. The result was a great match, played openly, in which Empoli tried to do like Udinese, taking advantage of the midfield quartet between Marini and Biacca at the fore, and Haas and Bandinelli as midfield players. Lammers and Bandinelli immediately become dangerous, swearing Dybala to the pole in the melee. In short, feelings are not lacking: Pjaca twitches on Rui Patricio in the corner plot, while this time Dybala takes a pool ball from outside for Giallorossi’s advantage (on a mistake Luperto rejected). Then the Tuscan reaction developed on the Baresi-Satriano axis, with the first packets of assists and the second looking for a way to equalize (which the pole prevents). In the meantime, Rome is back in the center of gravity, also trying to hurt the spaces with the restart. Ironically, however, the opportunities come from maneuvering actions, first for Pellegrini and then for Celik. And the Turkish player (with Mancini’s complicity) fell asleep in the 43rd minute, leaving only Pandinelli in the Empoli draw. All in all right 1-1, given that the Tuscans played boldly and fearlessly, and the Roma team took advantage of the technical personality of their translator.

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The second half starts with Roma away from the new feature, but Baresi rejects Ibanez’s header on the goal line. The Giallorossi’s pressure is growing by the minute, even if the real problem is that Ibrahim has long found him another day like this from his start to the season. On the other hand, Pellegrini forces Ismagli first and then Akpa Abreu, who has just entered, to yellow. On top of that, Empoli risk a lot building from below, and almost twice as much risk scoring themselves, awarding the Gillorossi’s Golden Balls. Then Mancini missed the score again and is happy Satriano devoured the goal 2-1. And then the rabbit again brings out Dybala, with his magic and the help of Ibrahim who this time was not wrong. Pellegrini then found the worst way to celebrate his 200th game in the Giallorossi, kicking Ibanez’s penalty kick off the crossbar. So Mo decided to bring in an extra midfielder (Bov) to try to cement the victory in midfield. But the emotions are endless: tycoon Akpa Akpro off the edge, who was fired shortly after for Entrataccia on Smalling. So Vicario saved first on Bove and then on Belotti, 7 minutes of recovery arrived and Bandinelli’s last desperate attempt. But there is no time for anything, Roma is back to win.