“Even a good 2-2 game. There’s rage, you have to materialize when you get the chance.”


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After the first knockout in the league, he arrived at noon against Ternana, the master Fabio Picchia He commented on the match against Parma in a press conference: “From 67” on the occasion of 2-2 we were a bit separated, until then we had the match that we had to do. We were punished immeasurably.”

The three goals were big mistakes both individually and in the department, what do you think?
“It is important to analyze these episodes, we will do it carefully with the boys. Two of the three goals were accidents. I would also like to talk about the match up to 2-2, where we had a good game.”

Please note the performance of Inglese. Would you choose Ansaldi instead of Mahila?
“For Bob, the pitch will speak, he’s doing a great job. In terms of Benek’s change, he had a knee problem or else it would have been a normal change. Ansaldi did a great test in my opinion. Franco scored chances created. We expect more from a human instead.”

When you meet teams that are too close, Parma struggles to be dangerous.
“We were good at finding it 2-1 after a draw. We must try hard to increase the advantage when we have the possibility.”

There seems to be a difference between Parma in the first half and that in the second half, how do you explain that?
“With Cosenza we achieved the second goal better. Today it is difficult to maintain a high pace for 90 minutes as it happens in the second division matches. The goal is to maintain a high pace for a longer period.”

Today, for the first time, Parma has not shown this excess of evil, so what?
“There has not been much momentum. But we have had a passion for the game for a long time, and in these circumstances you struggle to beat your opponent. It also depends on the opponent.”

What is the condition of the accident?
“For Mihaila, the checks will be made at these hours. Burnaby has a few, we’ll evaluate it in the next. Charpentier’s position is different. Juric asked me to change instead.”

Was Parma lacking a bit of grudge today?
“Yes, in some moments Ternana had a different attitude. The decisive moment was 2-1 where we had to steer the match to another path.”

Six goals conceded in two games too many, is there to work on the defensive side?
“These numbers piss me off. Today we conceded goals in defence, and certainly some defensive situations should be faced with a different one.”

How do you start over to prevent the ghosts of the past from returning?
“We have to keep doing our job and our mission perfectly, there are no big secrets or alternatives.”

Dennis Mann has many qualities, and is sometimes seen as very selfless. Should he release his confidence in trying the most decisive play?
“The guy has already shown that he has great qualities in one-on-one and in finishing the match. He has to work on making the situation grow.”