Exciting cyclist’s end (video)

The road belongs to everyone, that’s right. But a maneuver by a cyclist in Spain really gives the bike instant traction.

In the past few years Motorists are often accused of arrogance And claim all the way for himself. In fact, now among the bikes, motorbikes, scooters and electric scooters that appear from everywhere, it seems to be in the woods. Everyone wants to be right and admit to himself the right to do little by forgetting the basic rules of coexistence.

Cyclist (AdobeStock)

A clear example of this is a video clip made by a Spaniard who found himself in front of an unbelievable scene of his danger and recklessness.

The cyclist will wipe if he sees it ugly

The heroes are the SUV and the bike. The venue for the event is an uphill road in the Campes district, Barcelona. How many times we’ve watched bike races on TV have we heard the repeated plea that everyone should have a chance to move around without worrying about a bad ending. Especially those on board the weaker, more open-topped vehicles.

However, it is not infrequently that the most vulnerable groups who become champions of behavior are punished. Especially when they are traveling in small groups, they do not respect the normal safety rules.

Well, in frames captured by an Iberian user, one of these instances can be seen. From the pictures you can see a cyclist trying to pass a car on a narrow street with several curves. It joins, then goes back, and then goes forward. All this without a decision and above all without the necessary space to complete the required maneuver.

Looking at it from the outside, it appears to be almost a challenge to the sub-contract owner who ultimately couldn’t make it. However, intent on moving forward, those who were on the bikes were clearly brain cut and in no time at all put themselves in a frightening situation.

As the dashboard-produced video of the car behind the two clearly shows, the man on two wheels, once he sees a slightly wider extension, makes the red card. Not taking into account the width of the SUV, which clearly obstructs the view, it looks side-by-side at the corner entrance. And the Not realizing that another vehicle is approaching in the opposite direction causes a front end to appear. Then they are thrown in ruins on the ground.

We do not know if the driver who suddenly saw a man on the hood was injured. On the other hand, things went well with Roglic in the situation, considering that only minor bruises were found.

However, one thing is guaranteed. In the passenger compartment of the next car, they didn’t seem to be surprised by the accident they had just seen. From the understandable suspension in the background, we understand that the man on the bike was a repeat offender having previously damaged his car.

At this point, we can only thank the quick reactions of those who experienced the act in spite of themselves. Because the outcome could have been even more tragic for everyone involved. The reckless cyclist will now have to respond to an accusation of dangerous behavior.

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