Exclusive TJ – 6-1 Padovano recalls in ’97: “A magical double, I’ll tell you about those feelings. Juve are still poisoned by this game. Juventus? No clue about the match, but tonight…”

The TuttoJuve.com editorial team contacted the former striker for two seasons in black and white from 1995 to 1997 by phone, exclusively. Michelle PadovanoTo talk in depth about tonight’s challenge with PSG and beyond:

How did Juventus arrive in tonight’s match?

“Of course Juventus didn’t arrive well in tonight’s match, but I’m still confident. In these first matches they haven’t yet been able to prove that they are an important team and hopefully they can do it as soon as possible. And the players are well aware of the truth. The kind of challenge that They will face him in the Champions League. They will be loaded with loads to deal with this squadron in the best possible way.”

If he repeats Florence’s performance, Juventus will seriously risk losing the match against PSG badly.

“Yes it can happen, but I always think that Juventus always showed up in important moments. They are certainly not in the best condition to face PSG, but on the other hand, doing well means getting that lack of confidence and thus trying to straighten out a season that hasn’t started well. Good “.

Why in Franchi, in your opinion, Juventus finished the match with one shot in the mirror and in the second half did not make themselves dangerous in the Terracciano area?

“I always have the idea that from the outside it is very easy to judge, but sometimes you can not understand that this is happening even from the inside. Juventus does not express itself at 100%, it happened not only with Fiorentina but also with Spezia. With Roma he fell after An amazing first half, if they don’t disallow Locatelli’s goal it will probably end in goal. Unfortunately this drop in pace and performance is consistent in the Juventus team, and the hope is that soon they will find a solution to improve their games.”

Regardless of the goal, did you like Milik’s performance?

“He did a very good job, I loved the moves. He gave himself the best possible business card, two goals in two backs. Nothing else to say, he’s a player who will do his part when called in to a question. He will try to make the most of every possible opportunity. Vlahovic? He sees this competition as an added incentive, and he will want to prove that he is the strongest and convince the coach that he deserves the title. Juve have always been very important to the attackers, so it must be said that a healthy duality can only benefit the team.”

How did you judge the Juventus transfer market?

“The transfer market was important, Juventus took players who were useful to the cause and were able to do it on economic terms. All the names are high quality, and now I expect them to be able to express their full potential on the pitch. I want them. Look in good shape on the pitch and with The idea of ​​an important match, which has not yet been seen.”

Among the players who have arrived in Turin, who do you expect more from them?

“No, I’m always with the team. People are always at the service of the group, that’s the idea I’ve always had.”

The challenge with PSG has a very nice taste for you, given that in 97 you scored two goals in the 6-1 that Juve broke Barco dei Principe. Can you tell us your feelings and thoughts?

“Even though so many years have gone by, I remember that match and that magical duo very well: the first with a header anticipating the advances of a corner kick and the second with a left-footed shot into the small area. It was a notorious stadium because it was frozen, but we were able to close it there without letting them breathe. We won the European Super Cup with a score of 6-1 in Paris in the first leg and back to Palermo in a great full stadium that ended with 3-1. It was really exciting, we were really strong.”

That was the period when Juventus were buying trophies everywhere, not just in Italy as it happens today.

“The club, in that period, built a really important team. It was at other times, it’s true, but Juventus dictated the law everywhere. In fact, they won any title they were involved in, from the Champions League to the Champions League. The Super Cup. I also managed to reach the final again with Dortmund. I entered in a very simple way, and found an exceptional group that wanted to win. In fact, the fruits were reaped in abundance.”

Will the French yearn for revenge? What do you think that?

“These Scots you find it hard to forget, especially when there is no chance to meet. I am sure they will also have poisoned teeth. In the last two matches with Juventus, he was idle at 2-9. They will be eager for revenge.”

Di Maria and Paredes know PSG well, so will they be the extra weapons to win the match?

“They are certainly quality and important players, these are the games they are going to have to make a difference in. I am very curious to see how they will approach the game, not just themselves but in general the whole team. Hopefully we can have a good performance.”

Championship speech, is Juventus still a little behind Milan? How do you see that?

“Juventus, Milan, Inter and Napoli are the teams that will fight for the Scudetto, there is a rotation of results from everyone and the season has just started. The Bianconeri will definitely have to score with more interest, as I said I hope they come out as soon as possible from this moment, which is undoubtedly Not positive. The weapons needed to do that are all there.”

Thanks to Michelle Padovano for the courtesy and availability during this interview.